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Discussion in 'Performance' started by swathdiver, Oct 10, 2017.

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    just use chevron or Mobil you will get more mpg even if you only get 1 to 1.5mpg for 10 cent more a gallon it will be worth it
    0.167 Per mile @14mpg
    0.142 per mile @16.5mpg

    it works out better and AFM works better with 91 octane as it does not knock like it does with 87 octane(verifed via OBD2 readings) sometimes you end up in active fuel management loop of death with 87 octane :yucky:

    basically the engine will self destruct..

    it's a considerable difference when it's at almost $4 a gallon
    Premium Fuel at mobil
    $0.164 @23MPG(Highway on my last fill up)

    Compared to Regular @ $3.359 (cheapest station)
    18.5MPG highway at the most of the time (it down shifts into 3rd gear @ v8 that is why)
    $0.181 is my cost per mile

    So in reality i'm spending $4.163/ per gallon to go 23 miles with the cheaper regular Acro fuel.. the math never lies..

    I would use the regular acro gas IF i was local city driving only since the MPG city is 20-22MPG or so the savings is not very much... maybe like 0.05cents or so

    I also tried their 91 premium fuel I suspect I was getting watered down to 88 or 89 octane since there was no difference from the 91 and 87 octane Acro Fuel except for the higher price.. The same issue also happened at Shell gas station 91 and 87 got the same MPG( this happened at two different stations. for both.)

    I never have this issue at the Mobil or Chevron station.
    Additional cost $0.43 cent "upfront"
    Net savings of $0.374 per gallon
    saving $1.87 to $2.24 each fill up(about 5-6 gallons increments )
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