GM Tech2 is a versatile diagnostic scanner

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George B

Feb 5, 2020
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Oconomowoc, Wisconsin 53066
Hello. I've been trying to keep an eye on the Bosch site, to see if they are going to get any cables back in stock. Seems like every time I try to find original connectors Etc, they're all sold out. Oh yeah I'm kind of new here and nice to meet you all. I was looking on FB Marketplace in Vancouver. So one day I did a search and this guy had one listed for 350 bucks. He was using a stock photo like you see when you search. I figured it was a China knock off. Wrong. It was the real McCoy . It is a little beat up. it's got a crack in the screen, at the bottom right corner. The diagnostic interface plug has a little chunk a plastic missing. It also come with the candi module(which has a hole in the housing. The clip that locks in the diag. Interface plug, is broken on the candi connector end, where electrical tape was doing what the broken clip could not. When I went to go meet the guy at a storage facility. We plug it up to my Suburban. It didn't work . I was like damn. He told me it was his brothers, and his brother said it worked. He said if you still want it I'll let you get it for $100. I said it'd be fun just to tear it apart. So I bought it. Come to find out that electrical tape that was holding the end connector on was obviously stretched because I put it on there a little better and voila. I was looking around trying to find an update. Because I did have the latest version, now I don't. And let me add, that I did not know what I was doing at first. I have since reprogrammed every module in my Suburban. I have a Snap-On D9. They both can do about the same things. Tech 2 can do the pass through for programming where the Apollo D9 can not. Okay it's late I'm going to bed. I think I'm going to contact ACDelco on that site and ask them what happened to my software when GM Tech 2 started talking back and forth through the computer. But it's probably something I done. Take care nice to meet you guys, by the way my name is Richard
What software did you lose?

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