Diagnostic and Programming tool research - anyone use the Mongoose cable from drewtech / opusvis?

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May 25, 2021
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Looking at diagnostic/programming tools for 2013 Suburban Z71. I've neen researching the clone options for MDI, MDI2, Tech2 devices, and all the associated software. VXDIAG's VXC Nano seems to have had some people that have had success here, and some folks have some youtube videos out successfully programming BCM/ECM and other control modules for other GM vehicles... albeit reviews on Amazon are atrocious and most reviews indicate that getting it to work takes some strong computer/tech skills.

Surprisingly I haven't been able to find any examples of anyone using the mongoose cable solution... maybe I'm just not using the search capability appropriately? Or maybe the $500ish price tag just pushes folks away?

I have used what is effectively a Chinese clone of the mongoose cable for a toyota vehicle using their Techstream software, and it was a challenge to get the software working on a windows 7 burner laptop, but it mostly worked. Primarily diagnostic stuff, poking around, using it to follow the brake bleed procedures, etc.

Here are links:

Has anyone heard of anyone on here or elsewhere using these with success? (via Tech2Win installs, SPS programming online, GDS/GDS2, TIS2000, etc.?)
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Jan 21, 2023
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The Mongoose Pro has been highly regarded in the Ford community for a long time and it is the only one that can program certain ECM computers given that it's design is the best being capable of proper flash programming voltage control.

The Plus GM3 is the only aftermarket J2534 programmer listed on GM dealer tools site, so that speaks volumes. Drew Technologies is somewhat unique in making 'prosumer' devices for lower cost by selling per manufacturer J2534 programmers along with higher cost comprehensive ones which a large shop might use.

I think part of the reason that no one here has one is partially the cost as you say, but more so the fact that very few need to reprogram the BCM/ECM/TECM and it is much easier and cheaper to buy a standalone Tech2 than to run Tech2Win.

Having a GM Tech2, a Honda HDS, and several Foxwell diagnostic tools, they all have their place and do the respective dealer level diag that is very helpful, but I did splurge and get an Autel that does all cars which I love, because it is faster and wireless, and I can help other people with troubleshooting their vehicle. For data monitoring I still use HPtuners because I can collect, format and process the data so much better, but it only works for the US Big3.

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