Programming BCM with VXDIAG and GM Subscription for Heated and Cooled Seats

Discussion in 'Tech Info' started by 73TA, Nov 21, 2019.

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    Jul 5, 2019
    I have 2013 PPV Tahoe. I plan on replacing the interior out of a 2010 Tahoe LTZ. I acquired everything from the donor vehicle from the inside except the instrument cluster. I have all the wiring harnesses, door panel switches (basically the complete interior) for the the heated and cooled seats, etc.
    I could probably replace the HVAC system at the same time since I will have it all out anyway and convert it to the digital dual zone system.

    So the question is this, would it be easier to use the BCM from the donor vehicle and just reprogram the vin and probably tweak a few things to it using this

    Or just try to reprogram everything (remote start, interior lights, seats, airbags, etc.) to the original BCM using the same software listed above?


    2013 PPV Black
    2012 PPV Silver

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