1. 9

    2003 Tahoe 5.3 2WD Front End Rebuild Kit

    Hello everyone, I am wanting to do a full rebuild front end steering/suspension on my 2003 Tahoe LS 5.3 2WD. Are there any good aftermarket kits that are under $500? I have been looking at TRQ and Detroit Axle. Moog and AcDelco seem to be a bit pricey. Just need something to last a few years...
  2. brice117_

    Recommendations for suspension setup / wheel&tires (for off-road) **2012 Tahoe SSV**

    So im looking into getting a good suspension setup for my truck, I know very little about suspensions (im an engine nerd) so if anyone got any good setup suggestions lmk, Im cool with lifting but nothing crazy (middle price range)
  3. Duce57

    Z55 Delete

    Just looking for some kind of help here. I am looking to buy a Belltech Lowering Kit for my 07 Yukon Denali and I want to delete the z55 air shocks. My question is, is it possible to use a scan tool such as a GM Tech II to program the vehicle and change the suspension rpo code in the bcm to make...
  4. L

    Shocks/Struts need replacing. What setup should I go with if I want to keep air ride?

    I think I want to keep air ride for the smooth quality ride of the airbags. What are my options to replacing those struts and shocks to keep the stock air ride? Or if that’s too expensive as I think I need to replace the compressor as well and probably lines what is a good aftermarket strut...
  5. L

    Front suspension Torque procedure for 07 Yukon Denali

    Hello everyone. First of thank you to the members that posted about the H3 engine mount. Thank you I have read and found out the torque specs on here for front suspension. But haven’t found anything out about torque procedure. When tightening the upper and lower ball joints is it supposed...
  6. iboughtatahoe23

    Clunking noise after some gravel roads?

    Random intermittent Popping/clunk noise after some gravel roads. I drive 2014 Tahoe 173k miles and I went shooting outside of town on some gravel roads. There was some loose gravel with some waves I didn’t see and I hit it kinda fast and was flying over them like a dune buggy. Now I’m hearing...
  7. S

    Magneride Delete

    Hey all just finished reading through a bunch of the magneride problem threads and glad to see I'm not the only one! I see all the pros and cons of deleting the system. 2020 Yukon Denali, stock everything, ~140k km Right now I blew the air bag in my rear DS shock last summer, been riding on...
  8. NBAYoungBoy

    Upgrading Ride Quality of a 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 4WD

    I'm looking to upgrade the ride quality of my 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 4WD and would appreciate your insights and recommendations. Tires Currently, I have Goodyear Eagle Touring tires, size 285/45R22. I'm considering switching to either Michelin Defender LTX M/S 2 or Michelin Cross Climate 2...
  9. shaunbolten

    2017 PPV Tahoe Suspension Upgrade

    I have an old Texas DPS 2017 PPV 2WD @165K miles, rides like a farm truck due to wear and tear. Do you or anyone know if it is possible to upgrade to the Monroe 902035 Strut Mount Kit, BellTech 25004 struts and BellTech 2412ff shocks AND upgrade my coil springs for more dampening. I heard that 8...
  10. S

    Struts sliding forward and backward on bushings, contacting wishbone

    Hello all- I have a 2017 Yukon XL Denali with struts that have about 5000 miles on them. I noticed today that the bottom of the strut is moving forward or backward on the bushing. I don’t hear anything when driving, and it seems to drive well. The passenger and driver struts are moved in...
  11. S

    Front struts sliding on bushing, contacting wishbone

    Hello all- I have a 2017 Yukon XL Denali with struts that have about 5000 miles on them. I noticed today that the bottom of the strut is moving forward or backward on the bushing. I don’t hear anything when driving, and it seems to drive well. The passenger and driver struts are moved in...
  12. N

    Help with service suspension system 13' yukon

    Im new! So my service suspension light has been coming on and off intermittently. The pump sounded terrible so I replaced it. Sounds good now. My problem is when I tow. Pump turns on and brings level up decently and then every 3 minutes the exhaust of the pump goes loud and then pump turns back...
  13. Scott in AZ

    Lil’ Help - Question About ZW7 Code and Suspension Upgrade

    I’m doing homework on suspension for my 2001 GMC Yukon SLT 4WD. I’m leaning towards Bilstein B6-4600 front and rear, because seems like can’t go wrong with this choice. The spec for my front shocks are Bilstein PN 24-065009. My rear shocks are Bilstein PN 24-143806. On Bilstein’s webpage there...
  14. denalilex

    z55 autoride delete REMOVAL & return to stock… help

    ok. i found the dreaded autoride delete module that i hoped i wouldn’t find but knew was there cause i def should have had autoride / ride control / sus codes that i wasnt throwing ….. i managed to score a brand new z55 electronic rear air shock to replace my blown out one for $60 on fb from...
  15. P

    Broken camber bolt, HELP!

    Hello all, newbie to the forum looking for help, trying to change upper control arm, nut side broke off in bushing :( was going to sawzall it off and get a new bolt but wanted to make sure I dont damage the brackets on the frame. Ive read to pry the bracket away enough to get a sawzall blade...
  16. T

    2013 Denali/Suspension Help/Error Code Issue

    Hello I have a 2013 GMC Yukon Denali and it has a C0660-06 error code which says the exhaust valve is having problems, I want to bench test the air suspension compressor to see if I need to buy a new one or if something else is wrong other than the compressor, I checked the relays and they are...
  17. L

    Lift question.

    quick intro. I’m Luke, I’ve had one 94 two door Blazer and two 2 door tahoes. My previous 94 & 97 I knew for a fact to both be factory ride height suspension. The 94 was bought new by my godfather and my 97 I bought from the original owner. My current 98 on the other hand, has had multiple...
  18. B

    Max Towing too Stiff

    I’ve got a 2018 Tahoe Premier that has the max trailer package. I bought it about a year and a half ago and got a decent deal on it and I’m thinking it’s because of the suspension. This thing is so stiff stuff actually flies around in the back if you hit a bump in the road. I was originally ok...
  19. denalilex

    it’s me with the 6L80 - & it’s F I N A L L Y suspension time! help

    hey hey it’s me again finally going to obsess over something NOT 6L80 related… but oh, i’m sure i’ll be back to it. anywho, it’s finally time to repair - well, patch up - my sorely needed suspension system. i’ve got a blown LR air bag & just got the new z55 OEM replacement on my doorstep… not...
  20. P

    2003 Chevy Tahoe LT 4x4 wheel recommendations?

    Hey ya'll new member here. Just bought a 2003 Chevy Tahoe LT 4x4 in the dark grey color. Super excited to start building this car up. I want to enhance it's offroad capabilities but also keep it reasonable for the street-highway as it is my daily driver. Anyone have recommendations for wheels...
  21. JPVortex

    Suspension Rebuild

    Hi I'm looking into rebuilding the entire front and rear suspension of my 05 Tahoe. With it being such an old truck I dont want to spend the money on expensive parts. What cheaper brands from RockAuto would you guys recommend? I was looking and SKP and their parts don't look terrible. Also...
  22. JPVortex

    Tahoe Clunk

    Hello, I've been having a clunk in my Tahoe's suspension for a while now, and I've narrowed it down to 2 things. The CV Axle or wheel bearing. Here's a video of the clunk, and you can see a bit of movement/play in the CV Axle, is this normal or is that causing the clunk? The other thing I would...
  23. B

    Cv axle issues on lifted tahoe

    I have a 2005 Tahoe on a 6-inch lift and the cv axles I use keep breaking. It's only the driver's side axle and before it breaks it makes a clicking sound and sort of jerks the truck when the wheel is turned until the axle breaks. Does anybody have any idea what the problem could be? Should I...
  24. doc5339

    Anyone Off-Road their Yukon Denali with OEM suspension?

    Have been seriously considering Fox 2.5, 2.0 and Icon suspension setups to replace my OEM Autoride system (front/rear). I have 177k+ miles on the OEM suspension so I am considering either changing it out with Fox maybe Icon or just replacing OEM Autoride Z55 on my 2011 Yukon Denali AWD. 99.5%...
  25. D

    03 Tahoe steering issue

    I have a 2003 Tahoe, it has been leveled and had nearly every steering/suspension component replaced over time. I've been having a steering problem since I bought the truck that hasn't gone away through various alignments from different shops. The truck drives fine in a straight line, but the...

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