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Mar 18, 2021
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June 07, 2021 * 44 posts * 478 views
Tonyrodz said: Nothing is lifetime! Bought mine with 212k on it, had the original filter. It was so clogged that the truck would stall going up hills because the sediment inside would clog the ... Read more >>
June 07, 2021 * 22 posts * 338 views
100cars said: Here is my really crappy video of how to do this, but you should get the basic idea. [link] Read more >>
June 08, 2021 * 26 posts * 279 views
YukonRog said: I'm told for the best match and longest life on replacement parts use AC Delco parts. They're what OEM is right? Well I just recieved 3 parts I ordered and every one of them is ... Read more >>
June 07, 2021 * 33 posts * 673 views
Thatdesertviking said: We just picked up a 2012 4wd Yukon in Utah for $20k about three weeks ago. SLT loaded and 128k on it. It's had good care and the dealership took care of some items, but we'll be ... Read more >>
June 08, 2021 * 38 posts * 2,502 views
Toasty said: Neither of you are accurate, actually. The 21's have an entirely different valvetrain and electronics in the motor - Dynamic Fuel Management system that has replaced the Active ... Read more >>
June 08, 2021 * 14 posts * 313 views
Goldenbear03 said: I should apologize for my "yuck" comment earlier. You guys make some good points and these things aren't designed to be race cars. I've got the 5.3 and it's no supercar on the ... Read more >>
June 07, 2021 * 35 posts * 948 views
Pimpin said: Kudos...I've been silently following and hoping you'd figure it out. I am glad for you and will try and remember that if I ever need it for either myself or to help someone else. ... Read more >>
June 08, 2021 * 12 posts * 201 views
Blueinterceptor said: Looks like It'll cost you 50$ to delete the auto stop feature from Chevy Tahoes and Suburbans built after 6/7/21. Read more >>
June 07, 2021 * 15 posts * 185 views
jniolon said: did my first real trailer trip towing my truck this past weekend and was generally pleased but found several things I need to address. first... the rig is 2008 Suburban 5.3 L 4 ... Read more >>
June 07, 2021 * 19 posts * 526 views
Brendan Shurilla said: I did the boost remotes, and they have been great. The only thing I don't care for is that you still have to hold the rear door and hatch release to open them, vs. the printing ... Read more >>

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