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Mar 18, 2021
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March 25, 2021 * 32 posts * 1,885 views
Joseph Garcia said: Well, the OP has the answer, as it seems like a resounding 'no issues' from the overwhelming majority of folks with the new trucks. No manufacturer is perfect, and not all of the ... Read more >>
March 25, 2021 * 19 posts * 554 views
tmcdrwww said: Hello all, First post for me. Just had our first child 7 weeks ago and sold our Audi and picked up a 16' Yukon SLT. ( This is my third GM vehicle I've owned. ) [image] I absolutely ... Read more >>
March 25, 2021 * 146 posts * 4,077 views
donjetman said: wsteele experience is just like mine. The first mod I did when we bought our 130k mile Denali in the fall of 2018 was install a cheap amazon catch can. Back then it would catch ... Read more >>
March 27, 2021 * 16 posts * 297 views
tRidiot said: So I'm going to need new heads - I've got the Castech 706s. Blew a head gasket, was looking at a motor swap, but I've got someone who'll do a rebuild for me. He knows what he is ... Read more >>
March 28, 2021 * 13 posts * 281 views
PNWTahoe said: Does anyone have any recommended scan tools that can talk to our HVAC actuators, that is not a Tech2? Having rough time with the air recirculation actuator among others. Read more >>
March 26, 2021 * 13 posts * 256 views
jonhowe88 said: I just bought a 92 K5 Blazer. Runs and drives pretty well. Took it out last night and noticed that the tail lights aren't working. The were working in the driveway, but now I can't ... Read more >>
March 26, 2021 * 33 posts * 807 views
jeremiahm said: @wsteele that is what I have, a 4awg wire and a smaller, just adding another 4awg to from battery to ground to create a bigger path, but passed through the current sensor (which ... Read more >>
March 25, 2021 * 16 posts * 368 views
Boogthebandit said: Hello I'm thinking of buying a 2005 tahoe with 200k miles. They dealer wants $6k is this a good deal? One owner no accidents Read more >>
March 26, 2021 * 15 posts * 293 views
shock said: My 19 Tahoe (and 19 Silverado) are nearing the end of their b2b warranties. What do forum members think of extended warranty vs not getting one, or about one company/plan vs others? ... Read more >>
March 26, 2021 * 21 posts * 442 views
cfmistry said: There are LOTS of knock-off AC Delco sensors on eBay. I ordered some and they were trash -- they didn't even last 1 season. Be very careful. I think it is pretty universally regarded ... Read more >>

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