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Mar 18, 2021
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March 21, 2021 * 25 posts * 380 views
Caligirl said: Sorry, doing it again with long posts lol. Main point.... Present chewing on my Camry doesn't seem to be for food...it's to get in/out, for bedding or entertainment lol. Are there ... Read more >>
March 18, 2021 * 27 posts * 534 views
socalls said: I know someone has posted about this before, I'm out in the lookout for a 09 Tahoe LTZ with the 6.2 engine, hopefully if someone sees one they can send me the link, willing to ... Read more >>
March 21, 2021 * 16 posts * 337 views
Jason in DLH said: After learning of the catch can from all you great peeps, I finally got around installing mine. The Yukon already has 145,000 miles and it's 14 years old. Better late than never, ... Read more >>
March 20, 2021 * 17 posts * 328 views
87carl said: Idk if this is right section to post this but is in the burbs interior. Has anyone seen it done on a nnbs truck burb or hoe? There's a youtube video of a newer chevy truck done ... Read more >>
March 20, 2021 * 13 posts * 255 views
Bill 1960 said: As has been the case in every used vehicle I've acquired, someone stole the jack and all the tire tools. Mainly I need the extensions to crank the spare tire winch. I post the ... Read more >>
March 18, 2021 * 14 posts * 588 views
gilboyj said: I'm deciding between a 2021 Suburban Premier and a 2021 Yukon XL SLT. One of the major describable mechanical differences would be the Chevy's Magnetic Ride Control Suspension ... Read more >>
March 21, 2021 * 15 posts * 222 views
blueinkd said: 2005 Tahoe. Been chasing intermittent battery drain issue last two weeks. My girlfriend has been driving my truck. Todsy it was hooked up to my friends Snap On Zeus with his amp ... Read more >>
March 18, 2021 * 23 posts * 711 views
M Stewart said: I just got a speedo cal unit from Hypertech for larger tires on my Colorado ZR2. Hypertech has been at the tuning game for MANY years (I used one of their chips on my '93 back ... Read more >>
March 20, 2021 * 34 posts * 1,395 views
Sparksalot said: Just finished theothertwin. Just the hair inside the kick panel, and elsewhere since I bought it, I was expecting way more at the coil. I also found a bonus piece of cable. [image] Read more >>
March 18, 2021 * 18 posts * 693 views
EddieC said: I seem to be living that way of life now. We've had more than our share of new vehicles but have gotten to the point that it just doesn't matter to us anymore. And if I wasn't ... Read more >>

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