2021 Tahoe PPV massive oem brakes, 16"

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Mar 8, 2023
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OK I just did the PPV upgrade on a 2018 RST 2wd. Here is what worked, and what did not:

1) This is the Tahoe still with the old offset on the wheels that people say do not work. But it did with the RST wheels (22"). The spokes on the wheels have LOTS of clearance on the Calipers
2) The PPV is a Bridged Caliper. You do NOT need the guide pin that is referenced in some posts. I assume this is for the red 6 piston calipers. I returned the pins.
3) I used the backing plates and the caliper centered perfectly. This is a 2wd truck so removing the hub was only three bolts.
4) I purchased the Power Stop Z36-2407 pads. Any of the Zxx-2407 pads will work AND they come with the required hardware . Again here I had purchased the GM hardware that I was able to return
5) The Dynamic Friction 6xx-47079 rotors DO NOT have the correct face (annulus) for the pads to seat. They hang over on the inside about a half inch. They are working for now, but I am ordering some factory rotors (back ordered but supposed to be in stock in a few weeks)
6) The black color on the calipers is pretty bad. I sprayed with some VHT caliper flat black paint (also the inner bell of the rotor). They looked much better after painting.
7) Braking is great. Uses less pressure, and less pedal travel. With the Power Stop pads, there is no squeel, they feel good, and they were only $80 with the hardware.
8) I have a shop so total install time was only like 90 minutes on a lift start to finish. Simple and straight forward.

For reference, Caliper bracket torque is 170 ft/lb. Banjo bolt torque is 30 ft/lb. Hub torque is 133 ft/lb


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