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Dec 20, 2022
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Hi all,

New to the forum here. Just purchased a 04 Tahoe last week. Currently it’s lifted about 2.5” (Cranked torsion bars and a spring spacer according to the previous owner) and oversized tires (295/70/R16 Cooper Discover AT3 XLT) and I’m hoping to return it to a closer to stock height and stock size tires due to parking garage height limitations at work. What would the best way to accomplish this?



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Jan 23, 2022
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Keep it the way it is and find a new place to park. That setup is pretty nice, would hate to loose it.


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Sep 27, 2021
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Removing the spacers in the rear isn't too bad, but if you're uncomfortable doing it yourself it wouldn't take a shop much time. Half hour or so.

For 2.5" in the front, it's got aftermarket keys. You can "un-crank" them as far as they'll go and see if that's low enough for you. Alternatively you'll need to find some stock keys. I'm sure someone local to you would be happy to trade for your lift keys. That's another half hour of shop time.

Finally you'll need a front end alignment once you're set at a front end height that you're happy with. This is critical, you will wear out your tires extremely fast if you change the height drastically and do not get a front end alignment.

Those tires would probably fit with stock keys so long as you're on stock wheels, but if you want to go smaller then you could probably also just find someone with a smaller set of tires that would trade. Likely even a set already mounted on wheels. Maybe the same individual who'd trade torsion keys. In fact, you could possibly find someone who wants the whole setup (Wheels&Tires, Keys, Spacers) who would either do the work to swap it all between the two trucks as part of the trade.

Joseph Garcia

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Aug 2, 2018
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Welcome to the Forum from NH.

Lots of knowledgeable folks here who freely share their knowledge, experiences, and perspectives. Knowledge is power.

I hope that you will become a participating member in the Forum's discussions.

Pics of the truck, please.

You are already receiving sage advice from the knowledgeable folks on this Forum.