Radio Display getting excessively hot 2008 Yukon Denali


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Jun 26, 2021
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The radio display (stock Bose) on my 2008 Yukon Denali gets quite hot (about 120° F) whether or not the radio is playing. Front climate control display also get hot. The same is true of the rear climate control display even when the display is not on and the aux is off). The radio and CD player are not malfunctioning in any way.

I took a look at the display with a flir cam and IR thermometer and it seems to hang out at about 100°-120° F, with the hottest temperatures where the LED display is actually on. The odd thing is that even when the radio is off, the display gets hot (this includes the climate control display and the rear climate display even when the display is off).

Am I just being paranoid or is it normal for these displays to get hot to the touch?

I literally found absolutely nothing about this on the internet other than a lot of complaints about it from GMC owners and only two irrelevant and nebulous discussions that lead nowhere other than to more mystery on the subject. I contacted the dealership and they seemed to be absolutely non-plussed and essentially said, "yeah? so?" and that they've never seen this potential problem before (which is a load of crap because it apparently has caught the attention of a lot of GMC owners.

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