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    i just picked up a ‘16 Denali in Iridium Metallic. I was going to get it polished and detailed, but I am more of a DIY guy. So, right now I have a foam cannon, a pressure washer and a bunch of cleaning stuff from The Chemical Guys. After the first good wash, noticed some loaf by scratches and stuff like that in the paint, so I would like to give it a good budding job, and then maybe either a wax job, or a ceramic coating. So what do you guys suggest/use that works and isn’t too entailed. I would need a decent buffer that doesn’t break the bank, and a good wax or ceramic coat. Let me know what works for you guys!!


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    Congrats Chris on your new ride!! If you get a chance, we would love to see some pics of your rig. The paint on a 2016 shouldn't be in need of heavy compound.

    Here is a link to what I just did to my 2013 Tahoe PPV.

    Without seeing your rig, here is what I would recommend to refresh the paint.

    #1 Give it a good full wash: 2 or 3 bucket method, foam cannon, microfiber mit, and all

    #2 Use a clay bar, or Chem Guys clay wheel on a polisher with plenty of lubrication from a detail spray. You can do that on all painted surfaces and even the glass

    #3 Use a polisher with a good polish on a Chem Guys hex pad. I used Chem Guys optical grade final polish.

    #4 Use a paint sealer as a base shield for your paint. There are so many varieties of sealers these days, and everyone has a preference. It is my personal opinion that most companies are taking advantage of the hype and charging way too much for their brand. That being said, I've used Pro Car Beauty "Poly Gard" sealer with great success on Land Rovers, Porsche Carreras, Mercedes AMG, and a Ford Raptor.

    #5 Top all of that off with your choice of wax coating, Chem Guys has a great variety

    As for polishers, there are many great brands. I've used Torq, Flex, and Chicago Electric polishers; Flex has been my favorite so far.

    I hope that info helps at least a little.

    If you are interested in DIY detailing etc. I would highly recommend the Youtube channel
    Ammo NYC

    Larry is an extremely knowledgeable and well connected detailing professional. He has his own product line, but unlike the Chemical Guys channel, he focuses on his passion for teaching proper technique instead of just trying to sell and promote his own products.

    I work at a great Yacht and Auto detailing business, and I certainly don't know everything, but I'm happy to answer more questions if you have them.
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