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Larger spare for lifted Tahoe/ Yukon?

Discussion in 'Lifted Supension - Z71 & 4x4' started by Bill 1960, Jan 10, 2021.

  1. Bill 1960

    Bill 1960 Full Access Member

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    Dec 17, 2020
    I searched through ten years of posts and didn’t find an answer, although it was asked a few times. So if no one out there has the answer, I’ll figure it out and post the answer later.

    I’m lifting and going to 35’s, and I’d like the largest diameter spare I can carry in the OEM carrier. Not interested in the current popular method of hanging a big spare on a swing mount.

    So, what is the biggest diameter tire that will fit under the rear?

    Unfortunately I have no basis for comparison at the moment, as somewhere along the way my SSV had the spare, jack, and all the tire tools removed. So I can’t even operate the winch to crank one of my existing stock wheels up to measure clearance. I’ll be prowling the recycling yards looking for the winch/ jack crank.

    I realize the chance of fitting a 35 is slim to none, but will anything bigger than the stock 31.x fit there?

    Thanks for sharing anything you have on this topic!
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  2. Doubeleive

    Doubeleive Supporting Member

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    Nov 7, 2017
    Stockton, Ca.
    you won't get anything much more larger than the stock spare wheel size under there and unless it's awd it won't matter anyway you can hobble it to a shop with a smaller spare on I have seen it done. You will want to be sure the lug wrench you carry will fit your upgraded wheel lug nuts and that the lug nuts will work with the spare, same for any jack the stock bottle jack only reaches so far.
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  3. Tozan

    Tozan Overlander

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    Nov 12, 2016
    Yavapai Arizona
    To late now I tossed all the jack and tire hanger stuff that was in my rig a few years ago. If you are going with a lift high enough to get 35's under there a stock jack in it's highest position will be about 4 inches to short to even hit the frame... I use a 3 ton bottle jack and a highlift farm jack on mine.

    What fits in the tire well:
    A 35 will not fit unless you chop your frame.
    At best you might fit a 33 in there. I started out with 34's after my lift and it would not fit...

    It may be possible to fit one of the larger tires if it does not have any air in it..

    If you do not have the third row seats you can put the spare back there and put a piece of plywood over it so you can have a deck back there.. I did this for a little while until I got a swing out... You could do a fancier version of my platform back there and have storage space around it.


    If I was determined to keep the spare inside I would consider using the steel shelving I have in mine and making it high enough so I could slide the spare under it and put the carpet on top so it would look nice and neat kind of like this only tall enough to fit the spare under it. I have two shelf panels with a hinge on mine so the rear section can lift up. Check out my build to see how this can be done if you have questions let me know.

    Deck photo.jpg
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