Brand new Trasmssion Aux pump

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Jul 6, 2022
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just dropped 280$ on a new transmission AUX pump... i'm waiting for it.. I'm tired of inflation so i'm going to fix up the rig... getting rid of my soon to be worthless green backs... New set of tires & spare are next new fender, new front air dam, new headlights etc.. LED bulbs etc.....
Do you remember where you bought the pump from. I am also working on a 08 GMC Yukon with the same issues. I looked at the connectors and found one really in bad shape. Melted the housing. So I cut the wires and bought the 4 plug connectors with pig tails and installed them. Now that I am done, the Yukon will not go into engine off mode. So in short I screwed something up. It is not getting a signal back from the pump after 15 seconds. I rechecked my work and made sure the color per cable matched up from the pump to the controller. Pin 1 RD, 2 Bl, 3 ye and 4 bare. On thing you mentioned is the 60 AMP fuse. where are the 60 amp fuses. Where are they located. I do not find reference to them in any of the 3 fuse boxes. Before I redid the cable connectors, it used to go into engine off mode. Just the jerking issues. Any help would be appreciated.

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