Battery low issue

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Jun 28, 2019
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Minneapolis, MN

I just got a 2020 Tahoe from CarMax a few weeks ago. I just got it back on Saturday from the dealer, where I had them do a complete look-over, 36k mile service, new tires, etc. I went to start it yesterday and it wouldn’t start. I got a “battery low” message on the instrument panel. I put a meter on the battery and it only showed 7.68 volts. I ended up jumping it and put the charger on overnight. They did a battery check during the service and it checked out ok. Needless to say, it was disconcerting to see this happen.

Would anyone have and ideas how this happened? If something was inadvertently left on, wouldn’t there be an auto-shutoff feature to prevent situations like this? They replaced the tires because, although plenty of tread, there was a lot of cracking, indicating the car may have been standing for a period during the lockdowns. Could that have damaged the battery? Being a 2020 it could possibly have been original battery. The car has 37k miles.

Any ideas???

Thanks for any help!

You don't state your geographic location, but here in Minnesota I've nothing but headaches with my battery going dead in colder weather. The cause? The passive entry buttons on the door handles collect moisture from either rain (on a warmer day) or the car wash. Then it gets cold and the passive button sticks "in" when depressed to enter. I'm going to replace the buttons when I get around to it, but in the meantime I need to remember to use the FOB to unlock the doors (when it's cold out).


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Jul 3, 2017
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Well my 2017 Premier has killed battery each year! I live in Dominican Republic and the Motorcraft has always been my choice. 730CCA, 900CA. Batteries after dying I open them and they are dry. I bought a 760 CCA and always use a CTEK for the last 4 years since it’s a killer. No mods except a video in motion module and it’s not enough for it to drain a battery each year to kill it right? Been looking to add the second battery behind the driver side headlight but if any one can advice me part numbers for the battery holder and if there is a factory wiring loom for that would appreciate a lot. I will put an Isolator and probably a manual on/off just in case. Alternator is stock and generates correctly. Also thought of adding a bigger alternator like in the police version (does any one have part numbers please)
And let’s see if this fixes my daily dead battery in a country where 12 months is the only warranty and 13 months battery is usually dead!
Thanks everyone

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