Tony Beets Yukon Denali

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Sep 12, 2022
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I’m sure there are a few of you beside me that watch Gold Rush on The Discovery Channel. I’ve been watching good ole Tony Beets attempt to destroy his NNBS Denali for years. It’s really looking rough this year, no bumpers and all. I wanted to start this thread and document the slow death of this machine. I’m not sure what he does for maintenance but it still keeps on keeping on. If anybody has pictures or any information to share, here’s the place. I think his Denali is a real testament as to what these vehicles can survive. I’m sure it gets left up there all winter in subzero temps. I’m curious to find more about it. Here’s this weeks glamor shot. View attachment 271378
I have always wondered the same thing. Interesting enough, on season 13, episode 7 (I think) it shows another NNBS Denali getting dropped off at his site. White, with some ghetto wheels. The narrator says in 10 years he's gone through 15 SUVs, then pans to the junk yard and shows one all destroyed with no tires on it.

Later in the following episodes, you'll see the "new" white one looking shabbier and shabbier..... He must just buy up cheap ones from around Canada, use them up, and move on. It seems everything in their stable is either a Denali, AT4, or Z-71 level on the new stuff. They definitely "rough it" up there. LOL

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