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Jul 25, 2019
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, ahh 91 you must be up high, I've only read about the thin air issues.

how's the vortec do for intake Temps up there at 9 lbs. grew up in the sea level life where 8lbs of a s trim didn't even need an intercooler.

on a side note, I get that boost is restriction to flow, but say you took the same engine and pulley it to make same amount of boost, would the exit air temp be higher because it was working harder up there to make it, or about the same because most of the heat comes from the compression of the air.

I could probably answer my own question by looking up that formula ha. see if density is a part of it.

turbos seem to be the way to go in the mountains, but even then driving around in boost would be bad on fuel economy if it needs to be in enrichment mode any time you're towing.
Air temps are fairly high, but less than with the roots charger...
I don't have an intercooler on my Chevy1500. It's a 94 stepside that is still
controlled with the oe obd1 (yuck).. Im around 600ft (kansas city area).
I did my first RaceWeek - rockymountainraceweek at elevation last october.
They have 87 as the "premium" and it's expensive and full of ethanol.
I ran 1+ full second slower than around here. I pullied it as much as possible
and even shot it with 150 nitrous jet (with a 100 fuel jet) to make up the altitude.

And yes, as you spin it faster (by any means- pulley or rpm) the compressor
make the air temp higher..
The first day at Pueblo the air density was 8800 ft with 94* temps.. I have
never been that slow (even without the NOS hit)


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Feb 28, 2022
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that's good stuff, I've always wanted to check out the race week stuff, we used to spend some time out in the co mountains but haven't gotten back in years. I don't remember fuel options being that bad thou, wow.
I feel like 91 is the worse i have paid attention to. that's gotta be hard to make power for sure.

kinda wild your air Temps without an intercooler are better than the roots with. unless it's something with that specific unit, it does make me question running a roots over a centrifugal. at this point I was thinking roots was a much better daily setup.

we did a road trip in the 02 z28 years ago, and I do remember it feeling really week up at the top of pikes peak. it would bearly spin the tires on the dirt road haha, before they paved it of course.

the 1500 sounds interesting. I honestly like obd1 more than 2. tuning 2 has always felt like I don't have access to something I am looking for at the time to fix a hiccup. obd1 begin very well defined, even if the ecm's are slower running and don't self adjust much. what's the setup? is it's a tbi still with a 7427 ecm?

I'm sure you've heard of it, but man if you didn't need the tranny control, EBL is a nice obd1 based setup for boost and spray on tbi.

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