Shock Extenders and Shorter Sway Bar Links

Discussion in 'Street Suspension' started by 91RS, Sep 10, 2019.

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    Nov 15, 2009
    I'm looking for some information on shock extenders and shorter sway bar links. I just installed the Belltech 2/3 drop and the Belltech shock extenders don't look like they do a whole heck of a lot. They moved the lower mount rearward but only lowered it maybe an inch which I feel like made no difference since it was moved rearward. I measured my stock Denali and the shocks are about 2" shorter so it didn't keep the shocks the same length like they're supposed to and I think it blew my air bags because now all the sudden I'm hearing the compressor run a lot more...

    I found the DJM shock extenders that appear to move the shock mount lower than the Belltech ones but I'm wondering if anyone has some pictures of them installed so I can verify this before I buy them?

    Also my sway bar is no longer level and I can feel the rear has much more body roll now. Are the DJM links the only shorter ones out there? They don't sell them individually on their web site. I found a thread on here about using links from an early GMT800 truck but all the parts I looked up have the same part numbers 2000+.

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