oil reports for a hybrid

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Feb 28, 2022
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I'll start a thread over here since I think people only really visit here when their hybrid breaks Googling for answers.

but here's an oil and transmission fluid sample results. the engine 140ish k on it, (just about to hit 150k today) afm is not officially deleted, but turned off with hptuners and the crazed performancere vlom mod, which blocks the oil supply and clips the gasket to vent any oil backing up behind the lifters.

oil had 5k on it.. just some standard Mobil 5w30 and a wix filter. the longer higher bypass psi 57502XP one. sample was taken at change so has the same oil. currently but at the next 5k mile change I think I'm going to try amsoil 0w20. as this thing has 40psi of oil pressure at a hot idle anyways. will send that sample off to compare.


tranny I think I already posted on the board before but just to keep them all in one place and easy to add new ones too.
I didn't think to get a sample from what was in it when I got it.. this was new acdelco dexron 6 with few k miles on it and just back from a trip towing about 6k lbs little over 2k miles round trip. tranny in D since there's no tow haul mode on these trucks.. after a lot of research to see what's best for the tranny to tow, all I really found was a old post from what I believe was a ex employee that was part of the project, he said put it in D and let the tranny decide. since there's no tq converter so no clutch and "OD" is just planetaries with the ratio adjusted by the internal electric motors, I went with it. from the fluid result, I'd say he was correct. no need to put these in M4 mode and scream down the highway.

I've since picked up 12qt of amsoil atf to change it out before the next tow just for the heck of it. nothing wrong with the acdelco, but most searches for the best oil end up leading to amsoil, so I've decided to try it out some.

will send a new sample off to test after a good long tow trip on the new stuff. see if there's any difference.


and just because the board tends to like tow pics. one loaded up and headed to the race track a 1000 miles away.



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Dec 8, 2016
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Nice report in both cases!

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