Need Engine Troubleshooting Help!

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Jun 28, 2019
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Minneapolis, MN
Hello brain trust - Today I decided to perform my twice per year top engine cleaning. I disconnect the battery, replace the air filter, clean the MAF, remove and clean the throttle body and then spray a can of CRC turbo and valve cleaner through the engine. I got to the part of reconnecting the battery so I could start the engine and warm it up for the final step of spraying the CRC turbo and valve cleaner and when I tried to start it it would only fire once and die. After repeated tries I tried holding WOT while cranking and then as I let off the gas a little it would start and rev up, but missed and ran like crap, slow throttle response and when I let me foot off the gas - it dies. Did I somehow mess up the Throttle Position Sensor? If so, What can I do?

All ideas welcome!

Update: After more google searches and a utube video it appears that since I already had a check engine light illuminated due to failed CAT's, I went out to put all the intake pieces back on so I could have my vehicle towed to the dealer. After putting everything back to gether I got it started again and thought "what the hell" I'll do the recommended 3000 RPM for 3 minutes routine I read online. After doing so it still ran bad, but I could at least keep it running well enough to drop it in to L1 and rev my way around the block. Then I let it go to L2 and left my neighborhood to find a street where I could go a little faster and work the throttle more, then it felt good enough to try the highway, but the throttle response was still very abrupt. After a couple WOT pulls at high rpm it started feeling pretty good, so started riving "normally" and ran it up to 85 for a bit. Now back home and she purrs like a kitten.

I'm going to go run it again in a few minutes...
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