Looking for an NBS SUV and parts for a Man Trans project.

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    I posted this on a couple of other forums, and wrote with two members who have the correct transmissions already. One would need a few things changed out that might be too much, but still a longshot. The other one the owner is ghosting me after my PMs went from I might get the money, to I have the cash and am ready to buy. Not sure what was up, so I'm going to keep posting up, and see what I can find.

    I'm finally ready and able to get started on my next vehicle project. I am looking for a NBS SUV: Tahoe, Yukon, (possibly escalade) /GMT820, and I ONLY drive Manual Transmissions. I don't have the vehicle or any parts yet for the swap. I have started searching, and see a few options on vehicles, and finding a few transmissions around, but thought I should make a thread here to see if there are some options here.

    I am a low level DIYer, and don't feel comfortable enough to tackle this on my own, plus I have some permanent injuries that would make this difficult for me. I do have access to a full shop of tools with lifts out in Glendale, AZ and can bring you with, if your ID is clean. if I could find someone with experience and knowledge that we could do this (at almost YOUR leisure). Depending on price (If this is not done through a shop, I will want to know "qualifications"). I am in Phoenix, AZ, and am starting my search out to SoCal - Vegas - El Paso, maybe even down I-10 to San Antonio (or out to Dallas) since I get out there that I would be willing to drive out to/from with no problem. I haven't contacted any shops yet, but plan on starting my calling this week to see what my options are.

    If you have a shop that can do the work, maybe you have the vehicle, maybe you have the parts, maybe you can help do the install, please PM me, or post up.
    I'm looking for a:
    *1999-2006 Tahoe (has the better front end with HD hood and z71 grill), Yukon is second. Escalade molding and front end are bad, but for a 6.0 at the right price, I would consider it.
    *RWD ONLY I was considering a t-56 swap (a stage 3 rebuild would work, but probably out of the budget), I think I'm going to stick with the NV4500. I don't tow regularly but want the option.
    *Bad trans that someone doesn't want to replace should save me some money.
    *Leveled, not really looking for lowered, but not too low. NO BAGS, NOT LIFTED.
    *NO 4.8s (no low end torque for this heavy thing). 5.3 is fine and almost preferred with a custom tune, cam, e-fans with exhaust and CAI, (same on 6.0) are about all I would do for ease and reliability, I want to keep my highway range up to over 400 /450 (with a 26 gallon tank). Any FI is going to come after the rest of the vehicle is where I want it. I'm not looking to race it. I'm looking to pass when I want to, have a fun, RELIABLE SUV I can keep for 20+ years.
    *White, or black Might do gray/silver.
    *Prefer cloth over leather, but not a deal breaker.
    *Clear title only.
    *MUST BE southern rust free vehicle, with no body damage, clean. Seat rips can be fixed. Body work is not something I would like to have or pay to fix.
    *No stabilitrack or removed, or I will do it.
    *E-fan, custom tune, cam, (possibly heads), truetrac rear end, sound deadened interior are the mods I am looking to do right away (if already done, I will consider those a big bonus or stuff I will be looking to get first).
    *17 or 18" wheels with a street tire 265-275 / 50-65 street, summer, highway tires.
    *NNBS front brake upgrade
    *Painted front end, body matched color, (I do not like chrome).

    These are the options of where I'm starting with my perfect vehicle in mind, or what my first mods will be. The less work I have to do or pay for to get this going the better life will be, and the more I can consider paying. I'm checking around daily, but to have a knowledgeable owner who is at least trying to be honest about a vehicle's condition is worth a lot in peace of mind. So if I could find something here, that would be my best option over: craigslist, ebay, autotrader, cars, cargurus, the 3 local auctions..

    I have found a few tahoes with bad trans for less than $2K, "around" here that would work, but not my exact options yet. Depending on what information I get after calling around, I may start collecting parts for when I find the right one. Budget is 8-10K, all in. I have a little more room for a great deal on something better, but I think this budget should be good enough for what I want (cam is most likely something I will not add-in at this time, just hoping to find one).

    Just for the hell of it, I have a 2002 Silverado, 2wd reg cab with a 4.8, and 5spd. 233k miles, power windows and locks, some parts to go with, runs good, damaged stepside bed, blue on graphite, that in a perfect world I could trade for some of this: rebuilt transmission and install, maybe a vehicle, or some work (I did find a 6.0 w/ 5spd from a 2500 that might be perfect, otherwise it will be up for sale once this gets a road trip under its v-belt.

    Cash in hand, ready to buy in Phoenix, AZ, but will travel no problem for the right deal.
    Thanks for reading.

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