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Connect wideband o2 through EGR circuit

Discussion in 'Performance' started by Matthew Jeschke, Nov 21, 2020.

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  1. Matthew Jeschke

    Matthew Jeschke Full Access Member

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    Dec 28, 2017
    Sahuarita, Arizona
    I am going to need to tune the motor I'm swapping into my Tahoe. I don't like the idea of running wires all over the place, mounting gauge pods etc. I saw some people have wired a wideband o2 upto the EGR circuit. Then they read the EGR in their scanning software and transform voltage the figure to AFR.

    Anybody here done that? There needs to be a trim setup / calibration on Wideband o2 (I believe). I'd love to know more details.

    This or...

    My buddy back in early 2000s had a built 5.0 mustang. He had an AFR gauge. However, it was just a little 7 segment display. I'd prefer something simple and discrete. That plugs in and can be easily removed. I really don't like these AFR pods. Anybody know of something like that?

    FYI I'm going to be using HP Tuners.

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