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Mar 7, 2018
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Today I come to write a little about the experience of the Cam.
I got this cam from DUDUBELL provided to test it in detail. Here is my personal conclusion. I have already passed on my comments and wishes to DUDUbell. In the near future, changes could be implemented through a software update. That would be great

I've been operating them for almost 2 weeks now and can give you great praise. The cam has a wonderful look and is extremely well made.
It has a wonderful clear display that responds quickly and disappears wonderfully when switched off and does not show up behind the glass. The display is much larger and from the presentation compared to the Old Dudubell a quantum leap. The operation is quick and responsive super fast.
The beautiful is the perfect translation into the other languages. I also like the acoustic mode.

But I myself have made it quiet, because otherwise it is very loud.
What you could possibly change with respect to the mirror with a software update, would be the setting of the time and date. Because not every customer immediately comes to the fact that he can only change the attitude by wiping up and down. This could be identified with arrows in the respective direction and the customer then only taps on it.

The car function is great. The display turns off and you still have all the necessary information in view. Looks great and fun. What else would be a great feature, a temperature gauge. I had that with my OEM mirror. But then you have to obstruct a feeler again. That is whining at a high level.
I also find the lane assistant super successful. But here I would like to request a change. The attitude is probably very much the one on the highway
moves. Here, however, the problem lies precisely with German customers. Our roads are very winding and very steep. Also with my car (Chevrolet Tahoe 2007) I sit very high. This in turn has the disadvantage that the recognition lines immediately mean I'm driving over the white lines. The warning signal is then constantly complaining because it thinks I drive over the lines. Here I have a suggestion!
Could you possibly adjust with an update so that the lines as in my radio in your position even to the car as well as the orientation of the camera then adapts. Because then you can set it more precisely and you do not get the message constantly.
On the highway I think this attitude is great. As I said here, it would be informative to tell the customer in the manual then that it is more for highway trips or highway. If you could not insert the setting (lines) in an update. Currently I have turned it off while I find the distance display great.
You could also activate distance as well as line guidance separately. Because in the rural area or on country road the distance is more important than the lane assistant. Here, most people have the problem of jostling and driving up. Therefore, I would wish that you could really turn it on separately.

The cam itself I have realized with an OBD2 power supply and mini USB port. This makes the cable invisible and I have the cigarette lighter free.
Because not everyone has like me in Tahoe 2 pieces of it. I can adjust it so that he cuts the voltage after 5 minutes. I think that your battery will last for a while
if he does not get power. For me, the OBD2 is set to '0' I can also set it to '1' but there I may have to consider that then the battery is sucked empty.

I have invisibly installed the GPS receiver and mounted it on the bottom right of the dashboard. So he fits in nicely and is almost invisible. The reception is super fast and just very helpful in case of accident positioning.

I have to exclude the interference extra still made ferrite cores around each wire. Whether I really need it now I do not know. Currently I have absolutely no disturbances in digital reception. I left my usual route and tested all transmitters. Everything is clear and free of controls. That was a great pleasure for me personally. Because Dashcams often show problems here. The DUDubell solved perfectly.
Only one has to be careful. If you have a car radio like I Pioneer AVH-xxxxx that connects to the phone via Bluetooth which is always connected. Should it be disconnected and there are connection problems, then the search function disturbs the signal. I could test. That was not s.der Cam but just looking through Bluetooth.

I had this case only once. Was already afraid that the DAB + was again disturbed by the action. But it was the frequency of the Bluetooth interface.
Mobile quickly reconnected and everything was great again. Top.

The picture quality front and rear are great. I can say that, at least in daylight. The white balance creates a bright picture for a long time even if you feel like being in the night. The rear cam on the other hand weakens faster in this area. But I can not say 100% because I have factory black tinted windows. Therefore, I can not put a negative statement here.
But what you should tell the buyer is that if you have the cam as synonymous as Revers Camera two different angles down. If you drive without a rear view camera and the rear cam sets, then the angle changes and you do not see what you see when she is in the driving surveillance mode. Therefore, the customer must also take into account when using both functions if he attaches them as I in the sky of his car. The cable of the rear cam is absolutely sufficient and is also suitable for large SUV vehicles like mine.

My conclusion would clearly get a 5 star rating. For this price and for what you get offered the offer is unbeatable.
If you change something in the software and just the Lane Assistant divides by switching on separate distance and lane lines you have brought her an absolutely unrivaled device on the market.

The Price actually is about 90 $ and you could find it here:ück...8539955&sr=8-4&keywords=dudubell+dashcam&th=1

I am sorry if my grammatical is not the best but I Hope you understand all.

Greetings Markus From Germany

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