Adjusting the parking brake

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    I’ve tried to combine everything I’ve read into one procedure for adjusting the parking brake on a 2004 Chevy Tahoe. The procedure is fairly simple and worked good on my vehicle without the use of any special tools.

    1) Loosen lug nuts and place on jack stands. Place the stands under the stabilizer bar or other safe location of your choice.

    2) Remove wheels as well as calipers with brackets. Use 18 mm 6-point ½” drive socket and breaker bar. Socket is $6 at auto parts store if you don't have one.

    3) Remove rotor/drum assembly

    4) Remove horseshoe shaped brake lining for parking brake. Pry off of adjusters and then slide off retaining clip at opposite end. Slide over axel flange by tipping it at an angle.

    5) Remove threaded star adjuster and ensure the two pieces rotate freely – lubricate if necessary.

    6) Open adjuster about 1/8” and re-install. Make sure the slot for the lining in adjuster is pointing up and down. Note: Maximum adjuster opening is about 3/16”.

    7) Install new horseshoe lining and slip under retaining clip. Slip onto groove in threaded star adjuster first – use screw driver if necessary. Slip in groove on stationary piece of adjuster.

    8) Repeat for opposite axle.

    9) Replace rotor/drum. Add (2) lug nuts upside down to hold in place.

    10) Apply parking brake and release to center lining.

    11) Rotate both rotor/drum assemblies and check for rubbing of the parking brake lining.

    12) Repeat 6) through 11) until both sides are slightly rubbing.

    13) Replace calipers and brackets. Add some tread lock to bolts as GM did and torque.

    14) Re-install wheels.

    15) Apply parking brake. Attempt to rotate wheels to check function of parking brake.

    15) Lower vehicle, set parking brake and torque lug nuts to 140 ft. lb.

    Note: If parking brake is not holding, you can take another ½ turn on both adjusters. You can also check cable adjuster on outside of frame below passenger door. Use 12 mm deep socket to tighten. This will not have the same effect as the ½ turn on the adjusters but better than nothing. If you tighten, make sure you raise vehicle and check rear wheels for drag.
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    GJ, Thanks
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    ya, tried that with my truck, everything was a go until the truck rolled out the driveway with the brake applied, wasn't going to do it 5 times, took it to dealer, parking brake works like a champ now.
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