2nd Quarter 2019 TOTQ - Voting Starts in Here!

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Who is the 2nd Quarter TOTQ Winner???

  1. @kbuskill

  2. @fosscore

  3. @mr_collado

  4. @msalinas408

  5. @bigfootchiro

  6. @rocket man

  7. @73impala

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    THE YETI The NEW TOTM Coordinator Supporting Member

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    Apr 29, 2009
    These are the 2nd Quarter TOTQ 2019 nominees. Voting will end on June 30 at midnight! We had 7 nominees get voted into the TOTQ this time. It should be an interesting one!

    BEFORE YOU VOTE... remember, this is a photo contest for TOTQ. A lot should be taken into consideration. Quality photos being a top priority. Vehicles can be stock or modified, off-roading and dirty, or street queens and clean, or all of the above! We only ask that you vote with sincerity and not turn this into a popularity contest. Thank you and best of luck to everyone who participated!

    You can now vote your favorite 2 choices! You are no longer limited to just one vote.

    And lastly... this will be my last TOTQ as Coordinator. Unfortunately I have way too much work going on and personal business to really take the time to focus and be fair to you guys. I appreciate the TYF Admin for allowing me the opportunity to do this and I have appreciated all the positive feedback I received from those of you who liked this format.

    Without further ado.. here are your SevenNominees...

    1. @kbuskill

    2. @Fosscore

    3. @Mr_Collado

    4. @Msalinas408

    5. @bigfootchiro

    6. @Rocket Man

    7. @73impala

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