Tech 2 MDI1 MDI2 CanDi what do i really need here?

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Jan 2, 2022
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I have been reading threads for the last 2 hrs trying to make sure I get the right equipment. Here is what I think I know, feel free to correct me.

I have to have something to read codes and it needs to be a tech 2 level machine at a minimum if i want to be efficient at repairing my own equipment.

I have to have a subscription to Techline connect ONLY if I need to program a module. I dont need techline for any other reason.

I can currently use a Tech 2 GM clone as a pass thru device with Techline but only on certain years.

I can currently use a Tech 2 unit to read DTC's and live data on 2014 and older GM vehicles. I can snap shot data and then view it on TIS2000 on a xp machine only.

I need to ensure my Tech 2 has the 33.0004 software version. If it does I can pull it out of the box and use it on the truck. I do not need to download software or connect it to the PC first.

If I get the MDI2 clone I can talk to anything GM with and OBD plug. But you have to lug the Laptop around with it.

My questions

What years with a Base Tech 2 work with before you have to add inline adapters, 1990 to 2014?

What years can I use it as a pass thru for programming?

When does a CanDi module need to be used?

If you forgo the Tech 2 and get a MDI2 what software would you have to have on the lap top to read DTC's Live Data ECT?

Some of us own other brands. Would something like and Autel unit be just as capable as a Tech 2 or MDI unit including module programming?

Is it possible to program or add features to your vehicle that it didnt come with from the factory? Or are there features you can tun on an off with a Tech 2 that you cant get to with the DIC buttons. Like what you can get with the autosync unit. looks like you can have some cool features added but would rather not have something plugged in all the time.

Thanks this forum is great and the search works better than most I have been on. But my head is spinning with all this information overload. I just want to make sure i get the right gear.

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