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    Jan 1, 2018
    A few months back I posted on a no heat issue I was having that eventually got better. I was not sure how it got better but it started working after I drained some coolant out and slowly refilled. The truck previously had leaks at the water pump, radiator, and quick connector near the firewall (which caused a coolant smell outside the cabin). I fixed the leaks I found. After getting the heat going I started noticing a coolant smell in the cabin.

    I just put up with the smell all winter. There was very little coolant loss. I assumed the heater core but never had the foggy windows or wet carpet. I felt around the firewall connections thinking the smell may actually be coming from there but never found any wet spots. I also did not find any coolant along the back of the intake manifold.

    I pulled out my Weather Tech mat on the passenger side this weekend and finally found condensation on the back and the carpet was wet. The weird part is that it does not smell like coolant and does not have that weird feel that coolant has. it smells and feels like musty water. It's almost like I have two problems here.

    I'm going to put some ultraviolet dye in the coolant and see if it makes it to the carpet. I was also thinking of connecting the two heater hose ends together for awhile to see it that stops the water from coming in. I don't want to cut my hoses. Has anyone come across a connector with two male quick connect ends or at least one male quick connect and a barbed end?

    Input is appreciated.

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