Add 250 Horsepower to your C5 the Easy Way! (Complete A&A Supercharger Install) VID

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Kenneth L Nielsen

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Dec 16, 2019
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The stock C5 has a respectable amount of horsepower there is no doubt. If you are 100% happy with 305 HP to the rear tires - then read no further.

But, if you want a major bump in power (+250 RWHP or so) then supercharging is difficult to beat in terms of Drivability, Reliability & additional power throughout the RPM range. So, if you want to consider making the +HP leap in 2023, then take a look as I document exactly what I installed, what dyno (&1/4 mile) numbers the combo produced - AND how to install the A&A C5 Supercharger Kit pretty much from A-Z.

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