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Feb 17, 2020
Jun 27, 2010
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Shreveport, La

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Feb 17, 2020
    1. Dahoe
      I’m interested In fan harness, do you have any available??
    2. Tfdoldie
      Do you still do the led conversion on the instrument cluster 2006 Chevy tahoe?
    3. lastmemory318
      Hey man, im in Monroe, not too far from you. I have changed all the interior lights in my 2000 Tahoe Limited to red, except the damn window switch. I was curious what you would charge to do it? Red.
    4. Dan Acosta
      Dan Acosta
      HI, do you have any of the fan harnesses available? I was told you have them on occasion. Thanks Dan
    5. matt00
      I’ve been interested in a LED conversion for my 2003 GMC Yukon cluster, how much do you charge?
      1. ScottyBoy
        I charge $60 to put LEDs in a 03-06 instrument cluster. That $60 price is with you covering all shipping costs, and I supply the LEDs and any other needed supplies.
        Nov 26, 2017
      2. matt00
        How long does this usually take? And can you do white LEDs?
        Nov 28, 2017
    6. Archer04
      @ScottyBoy, so I have a question I was attempting the L.E.D upgrade on my 04 Tahoe and got the headlight switch and wiper switch upgraded to blue. I tried to do the climate controls and while testing the polarity I got a spark and some smoke from the pcb, and now all lights are out even the none L.E.D that were still installed. Have I blown the circuit board and need to replace?
      1. ScottyBoy
        Is it only the AC panel that's blown out, or is it ALL the dash lights out now? Also, do you have the digital AC control panel or the manual panel with the two sliders?
        Feb 7, 2017
      2. Archer04
        It is the digital panel, and all lights are out, the controls still work I can adjust from heat to ac , adjust blower fan, and switch between foot, and upper vent controls to include defrost.
        Feb 8, 2017
      3. Archer04
        Another question I am not sure if someone has messed with the wiring in this tahoe as I bought it used with high mileage, as I was working with the upper climate control for the back which has never had lights the wiring is becoming extremely hot. Do you know what pins are supposed to be ground and hot wires so I can test.
        Feb 8, 2017
    7. watuzi
      You still doing the instrument cluster LED upgrade? I have a 2005 Tahoe, Thanks.
    8. Gavin Garrison
      Gavin Garrison
      Hey I got a 2001 suburban. Really want my ac knobs, headlight/dimmer/4wd switches etc done. So I believe that's 3 seperate pieces all together. How much would that cost me if I shipped them to you? Thanks
    9. Ryanbighoe81
      I would like to get this done on my 01 Tahoe I did my cluster but want these done, please contact me so we can get this done thanks.

      AC control panel-$50
      Headlight switch-$35
      Power mirror switch-$20
      Drivers side window/lock switch-$40
      Passenger side window/lock switch-$30
    10. timinsac
      hello, id like to get my cluster done in blue leds and my prndl repaired as well. can you pm me your email or info?
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    2001 Suburban, 6000k HIDs lows and fogs, Vette servo, Blackbear Tuned, Custom blue LED guages and interior switches, 06 Burban LTZ air dam and fogs, 06 E-fans. 17 inch 2010 GMC Sierra wheels
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