'15 Denali XL Exterior Done... Silver Black Chrome, Full Chrome Delete, Lowered, Wilwoods, 24's

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Jul 18, 2017
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Those rims look great. Carry a heafty price, but are at the top of my list right now. We're there any others with similar look you were considering?

Thanks. So obviously I wanted just a 6-spoke 6-lug wheel; It's a simple clean look and are also easier to keep clean with not a lot of spokes or intricate detail.

The +30 offset is too high for 10" wide wheels IMO. I'd try to stay somewhere in the +25mm offset range +/-3mm, +20mm offset would be the lowest I'd go personally if trying to stay inside/flush with the fender line and not poke out past the fender by too much. Even the +20mm offset might poke just beyond the fender by 1/16"-1/8" depending on the amount of camber of your wheel alignment.

Some of the other options I considered were not all available in the offset I was after and some of them didn't come available in our stock hub bore either and I didn't really want to mess with hub-centric rings. Using hub-centric rings isn't too big of a deal, I've done it before and gotten quality wheel spacer and hub-centric ring prodcuts from Motorsport Tech; https://www.motorsport-tech.com/

Concavo CW-6: https://concavowheels.com/our-wheels/cw-6/#specs

Probably the closest to the Rennen's in the looks dept. They're cast wheels, so they will be heavier, but are also a good bit cheaper.

Verde Invictus V24: https://verdewheels.com/wheel/v24-invictus/6317/1384/

Vossen HF6-2 https://vossenwheels.com/wheels/

These are a Hybrid Forged wheel (also commonly referred to as Flow Form Forged), which means its a mixed process between cast and forged. Think of is mechanically forcing a forged face onto a cast barrel to result in a single piece wheel. It's kinda the in between of cast vs. forged; The weight strength and price point are in between as well.

There aren't too many wheel mfgs. that do the "Hybrid Forged" or Flow Form Forged process in 24" wheels, there are a few more that offer it if looking for some 22" wheels.

There are some other 6 spoke 6-lug options out there in 24's but these are just a few I was considering before I landed on the Rennen's.

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