1. Dustin Jackson

    2008 5.3/4l60e 3-2 downshift flare. Corvette servo? Extended servo pin?

    2008 5.3 4l60e 3.73 gears 180,000 miles lifted about 3 inches with 32 inch Ko2 tires Hello gentlemen, When I purchased the Blackbear tune for my motor and trans I was very unsatisfied with the transmission performance and I went back and forth with Justin and loaded a few different tunes he...
  2. davidavidd

    4L60E No reverse - Wear gloves to handle this post

    Hi TYF members and friends! I appreciate all your opinions and replies to find the origin of this situation To make a long story short: My transmission was working fine until this week. I rebuilt it with your help two years and 65.000 miles ago when the pump went bad. I drove the Tahoe on a...
  3. S

    4l60e rebuild kit...so many options

    I made a post on here a while back around Christmas with some questions about my transmission that lost some gears and got some really knowledgeable input from some great people. As of that post the 3rd and 4th gear were unavailable with slipping in 2nd. Since then, my step father took it on a...
  4. S

    Grinding/Chattering Noise From Transfer Case

    2003 Tahoe LT, 5.3, 4L60E, NP246. I recently completed a roughly 1500 mile round trip from Connecticut to Tennessee, and back. On my way there, I started to hear a squealing noise coming from the front end. First thought was a wheel bearing, so I pulled over to check it out but didn't find any...

    Transmission interchange???

    Found a little info but need to be sure. Can I swap a 4l60e into a 4l65e yukon? I have a 03 Yukon XL SLT ( built 6.0 ) with real fresh 4l60e with a kit and v servo. Want to put that transmission only into my 04 Yukon denali. Direct ??
  6. S

    Drain Plug for 4l60E transmission part number?

    I'm trying to change the fluid in my 04 Yukon XL (4l60E) (as part of a series of drain and fills). First draining I replaced the transmission fluid/ filter and gasket (was leaking). But was a royal PITA to do. I REALLY don't want to drop the pan again to do a follow up drain and fill. I couldn't...
  7. H

    Advice on best method to sell or part out 2000 Silverado

    I could really use some advice on the best method to sell or part out my 2000 Silverado WT, Reg cab, LWB, 2WD, 4.8L V8, manual windows, new automatic transmission, 3 piece cloth bench seat, vinyl floor. It has the wide diameter drive shaft that some has already offered $200 buck for. The hood...
  8. N

    4L60E maintenance?

    Bought a cheap fixer-upper 07 Tahoe with 250K On the odometer. The engine is getting freshened up. My question concerns the trans, a 4L60E. As far as i know there were no problems concerning the trans. Other than replacing front/ rear seals what maintenance Should I perform to this transmission?
  9. nick benanti

    Transmission help

    I have a 2001 tahoe 5.3 4wd. The trans is shot and looking for a replacement. I have friend with a donor yukon same body style, not sure of the year. Is it the same trans to swap?
  10. nick benanti

    Transmission help

    Hi, I have a 2001 tahoe ls 5.3 with 200k on it. This truck owes me nothing. This is gonna sound silly, but, I was driving today and getting on the highway and I think the transmission decided it was friday and quit working. I was hitting the gas and it wasnt doing anything. I tried all the gears...
  11. P

    About to install "rebuilt" 4L60E

    Hi Again. After watching this 2001 Tahoe drive trouble-free for 8 years, I decided to buy it, with only a P0453 and all the oxygen sensor codes lit. Then the transmission started giving me guff, by way of difficulty getting into second gear. Just my luck. I did however drive it through a deepish...

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