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    2013 Avalanche

    Avalance ladder rack? I'm thinking of picking up a new 2013 Avalanche also. Black Diamond Edition with White Diamond paint, black interior (maybe tan interior). In any case, My question is since I occasionally need to carry a 32 foot extension ladder for my job, is there any ladder rack that...
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    Are there any 4WD - not AWD - Escalades?

    Are there now, or were there ever, any 4WD - not AWD - Escalades? Thinking that would be real nice.
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    2009-vs-2010 Tahoe MPG change

    Does anyone know what, if anything, they did to raise the MPG rating from 14-20 to 15-21 from 2009 to 2010 models, or is it just BS? All the new 2010 stickers seem to show the increase.
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    Yukon carjacking aftermath

    Wow again! Sorry to hear about this and I'll be on the look out up here for those rims also. When I was in the corps I had a Harley Stolen about 35 years ago by a group of thugs. I knew who did it. A large bunch of my USMC friends wanted to help take care of the situation and retrieve it for...
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    Help, anyone know about onstar problems

    Just found this thread - my friend has the exact same problem and has been to the dealer and they don't know either. Its on an 05 tahoe. Never had onstar activated and his wife pushed the button the other day and it started. Nutzo
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    2009 Tahoe LTZ 6.2 - still looking - need more info from owners

    I bailed for personal reasons. Didn't drive the 600 miles to take a look. It's still up for grabs. I'm sure someone will be happy with it.
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    First oil change on 2009 Tahoe....

    How bad would it be if some bone head put regular oil in a synthetic oiled motor? I always heard it was a bad thing to do.
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    2009 Tahoe LTZ 6.2 - still looking - need more info from owners

    Looks like I came to the right place for information! Can't get a 6.2 within 200 miles. Not sure I want to travel 500 miles round trip to take a look at one, even if one is/was still available. And then they are going to want close to sticker. At this point they should want more as rare as...
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    2009 Tahoe LTZ 6.2 - still looking - need more info from owners

    Thanks, I was unaware that the 6.2 requires premium. That could be a deal breaker when I consider the worse mileage also. Now leaning towards the 5.3 again. And I'm still of the feeling that if I EVER might want 4WD, then 4WD is the best way to go. I don't really think the same can...
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    2009 Tahoe LTZ 6.2 - still looking - need more info from owners

    Just curious: With such a good deal did you buy from a dealer or privately? ---------- Post added at 02:40 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:39 PM ---------- Well, the white diamond is gone. Down to the black or gold mist. I like black better anyway.
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    2009 Tahoe LTZ 6.2 - still looking - need more info from owners

    I have heard the resale is better on the Denali. Sweet ride. Big motor but lots of gas, AWD gets stuck in the sand more easily. Anyway, there are only like 3 left within 300 miles of Boston (Black/Ebony, Gold Mist/Cashmere, Diamond White/Ebony), so pretty soon the decision may be made for me...
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    Yukon-vs-Yukon Denali...AWD-vs-4WD..towing/offroad...decisions...decisions

    Thanks all. What problems with autoride have been occurring on the street? I think I heard mention of some tranny problems also? What's happening there? I'm beginning to think towing the boat is just a plain bad idea, unless I go with a pickup, which I really don't need most of the time, nor...
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    2009 Tahoe LTZ 6.2 - still looking - need more info from owners

    I just heard that the 6.2 motor was only released in the 2009 Tahoe's and that they are gone in 2010. Is this correct? I can only find a couple 6.2's left ($60K!) and wonder your opinion is of them? Thinking bigger is usually better, and rare is usually even better than that, it sounds good...
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    What you guys pay for your 4wd Tahoe 2009 LTZ?

    More advise needed... I'm looking also and could use some advise. Here is what I just found(one of the last of the '09 6.2 motors): PEG: 1LZ - LTZ Option Package Primary Color: 98U - White Diamond Trim: 196 - Ebony - Perforated Leather Engine: L9H - Engine: 6.2L, V-8, Non Active Fuel...

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