Need suggestions - After the mess I have gone through over the past 9 months, what should I ask GMC to do? Vehicle repurchased, new vehicle in shop

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May 4, 2022
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I recently bought a used 2021 Yukon Denali 6.2L w/49K miles and reading this story is like viewing plane crash vids just before getting on a plane! Got my fingers crossed for sure! 4,000miles so far and rig is running smoothly/working perfectly at every feature.

Thanks for the detailed experience and things you did. If I do have trouble, it's stories like this that helps one with ideas of what to do.
Did you check the carfax? I wouldn't be surprised if the engine or lifters were replaced and owner got it replaced. If repaired properly, shouldnt be any issue, but it's really hard to get over that experience. I wouldn't risk it, if it has been out of service a long time, even though I know a new one could easily have the same issue.

I think we were out of service a week plus on our non turbo SI6 Volvo XC90 for them to replace rings and pistons, then 2 weeks plus for them to replace the engine for the same oil consumption. I tried to talk them into a beneficial trade in for a T5 equipped version of the same vehicle, but we weren't quite to lemon law threshold and they wouldn't do it, even though I was asking for less compensation than replacing the engine. They literally could have sold the existing car as-is with no warranty and gotten away with it for just a discount on the new car.

The engine was after factory warranty had ended, i think they had already given us an extended warranty for the first repair attempt. Car is still rock solid now, 70k miles later, but as far as i can tell, we just got lucky the new engine was "good".

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