Fosscore's 2013 Suburban LTZ Build Thread

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Apr 16, 2014
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I just wanted to share the new addition to my driveway. She's a 2013 Suburban LTZ 2WD, White Diamond Tricoat, Light/Dark Cashmere leather interior with captain's chairs. Fully loaded with only 17500 miles.

I have been driving the truck full time since June 2016, off and on since June 2013 and have put 2/3 of the miles on it myself as it belonged to my boss. This week she officially became mine.

After 10 years of driving a Honda CR-V and 3 Honda Odysseys, my wife wanted something different. I can't blame her one bit for wanting a change, especially since the kids and her thrashed those Odysseys from newborn to 10 years old.

She wanted 3 rows, cargo space and all the latest bells and whistles, however I was unwilling to compromise on a mid-size SUV. I knew the smaller SUV would not serve the immediate and future needs with our 2 active kids, friends, visiting family members, cargo space and road trips. And selfishly I wanted the long body, full cargo space behind the 3rd row and V8 power.

As expected with the low miles, the truck is in excellent condition. I cleaned the leather and spot treated the carpet from the toddlers that used to ride in there. I gave the paint a full clay bar, compound, polish, seal, glaze and two coats of Collinite's 845 Insulator Wax. I also compounded, polished and Rain X'd the windows.

There are 2 of the dreaded dash cracks by the passenger air bag already, the A/C fan speed buttons are already wearing thin on the white coating and there are couple of minor exterior blemishes, but nothing to be worried about.

The undercarriage and engine compartment looks like it just rolled off the dealership lot. The bumper-to-bumper warranty expired in June 2016, however the engine and powertrain warranty is still good until June 2018. I had my mechanic give her a once over and the dealership run the VIN. Nothing came up from the mechanic and no recalls.

As far as modifications are concerned, I have decided to leave her mostly stock for the time being (subject to change) as my wife does not really want me messing around with it too much.

I have only done a few little things that will make it more enjoyable when I drive it. I am sure more will come as it is highly unlikely that I can leave such a nice truck alone without any mods.

2013 Suburban LTZ 2WD 5.3L

Exterior Modifications

  • Cadillac Escalade ESV/XL Chrome Roof Luggage Rack with color matched end caps (page 5)
  • Tint
    • 15% over OEM on the back windows
    • 15% on the front windows
    • 45% on the windshield (page 29)
  • Replaced Exterior Lights with LEDs (pages 4, 5, 7, 9, 19)
    • Puddle Lights
    • License Plate Lights (page 5)
    • Reverse Lights (page 19)
    • Fog lights (page 9)
  • Removed rear lift gate glass plastic handle
  • Chrome Tow Hooks (page 10)
    • Interchange Part Numbers: 19158571, 19243784, 22858898
  • Color Matched Parts
    • White Diamond Tricoat Color Code: WA800J/98/GBN
    • Front and Rear Bow Tie Emblems (page 6)
    • OnStar Antenna (page 7)
  • Cadillac Escalade 3rd Brake Light Full LED Mod (page 21)
  • G4 LED Tail Lights (page 21)

Interior Modifications
  • Replaced ALL Interior Lights with "Cool White" LEDs (page 4, 5)
  • GM OEM Console Organizer 19166288 (page 19)
  • Husky Weatherbeater floor liners
    • 1st, 2nd and 3rd rows (page 3,4, 108)
  • Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX w/wireless CarPlay (page 108)
  • GM Wireless Phone Charging Kit for GM Trucks & SUV's (page 108)
  • Illuminated Door Sills GM Accessories #338-19171554 (page 108)

Performance Modifications
  • Range Technology AFM Disabler Device (page 2) SOLD
  • Resonator Deleted (page 13)
  • AIRAID 200-996 MIT (page 39) SOLD
  • Black Bear Performance 89 Octane Tune (page 48)
  • Airaid 851-135 Premium Dry Air Filter (page 48)
  • Black Widow Race Venom 250 Muffler
  • Dual slant tip stainless exhaust tip (page 109)
  • AC DELCO heavy duty rotors
    • (18A1705SD front/18A2332SD rear)

Suspension Modifications
  • Sway bars
    • Cognito 210-90265 (front) and 210-90266 (rear)
  • Spohn panhard bar
  • Belltech coilovers Part no. 5403-001 621 (page 112)
  • McGaughy’s rear springs (Part no. 0307) with shock extenders Kit 30014 (page 112)
  • wired in the resistors to keep the rear auto ride 100% functional.
  • Moog sway bar end links Part Number K700538 (page 112)

Old square body Blue Suburban pics from when I was a kid. (page 3)

Build Sheet. (page 21)

Here are some exterior pictures after I detailed her.





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Feb 26, 2015
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Classy lookin ride ya got there, unfortunately doesn't sound like it will be as much of a in depth build thread as your tahoe :( . I wanna see you do another full overhaul on a new ride. but still the nnbs' look so damn good from the factory already, just need a subtle and small touches from the almighty Fosscore ;)

Do I spot power folding steps :rolleyes:, and debadged on passage side only :confused:

Had no idea about the afm disabler.

I know you said no mods atm but you're still gonna ...
*ptm handles/mirrors
*ptm grille with black inserts
*hids + retrofit

*pink neon underglow :D


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Feb 16, 2012
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Central Jersey
Finally got it!! Congratulations. Let's see how long it takes before you start tweaking things a little bit, you know "If I change this, it'll run much more efficient, but then I also should change this while I'm in there ". Just a matter of time my friend! Lol. Good luck with the new acquisition. :waytogo:


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Jan 3, 2011
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