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    I have a 2015 Escalade ESV and am pleased with the improvement of the interior compared with the last generation. As some know who had a 07-14, the dashboards were made of cheap plastic that was cracking despite not being old and properly cared for. That combined with peeling chrome off of interior door handles, A/C controls rubbing off due to wear, etc. the last generation left a lot to be desired.

    That said, I like to put the proper product on the particular area, such as items made from vinyl, leather, etc., with the dash for example, needing a product with UV protection.
    Needless to say I do not want to just slather on an Armour All like product on everything just because those wipes are supposedly safe for everything (I don't use AA anyway).
    So looking at the dashboard, it almost appears to be leather on the top, and suede leather on the trim and underside. I know some vinyl is made to look like leather, but without knowing which is which, I was hoping some here have experience in knowing what it is made of what?
    The same with the door trim which is exposed to UV rays and tends to fade if not properly cared for.

    Also, for our leather wrapped steering wheels, it needs regular attention since our body oils, sweat and dirt (especially the high wear areas) need some leather type care product that obviously will not be slippery. I sometimes use Lexol non-darkening Neatsfoot Leather Dressing, which is almost like an oil. I also use Pinnacle Natural Brilliance Leather Conditioner which has a strong leather smell. Needless to say neither of these products are made for the suede (assuming it is suede).

    I am not sure what your typical car detailing shop uses, as they may just use whatever is cheapest in the generic bottles they spray out of. It could be AA like liquid they use on everything.

    So various recommendations/experiences are sought in this thread.
    Especially from those who have the knowledge as to what materials are located where.

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