Black Sun Visors Needed

Discussion in 'Interior' started by Ryan Buck, Jul 21, 2018.

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    Mar 2, 2018
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    What up guys I was wondering if somebody could help me out and point me in the right direction to where I can purchase a set of black sun visors for my 02 Tahoe. I reviewed the headliner black so now I need a pair of visors black and I don't want to recover the ones I have I would rather just get a set that I can bolt in and be done with it. Does anybody know another vehicle that comes with black ones that will bolt up? I have found a set on eBay for a new body style Escalade but I don't know if they fit. Every time I Google something about it the only goddamn thing that comes up is shit on eBay and I am so sick and tired of it I want to smash the screen. I can't stand that shit. If I wanted to look on eBay I would type eBay in my search. Also everything that comes up on eBay when you click on it they don't have shit that they are posting for. I wish I could just turn completely off and never look at it again. LOL okay that's my frustration I had to get out. I have been searching for over two days now it can't come up with anything but someplace that will just recover the ones I have for like over $100. And that's if I ship them to them. Any local upholstery shop in price do them for cheaper than that here in town. But like I said I'd rather just order a set possum in and be done with I don't care if they have a flip-down mirror if they have the second flip down part of them none of that I just want black material visors. I'm hoping one of you guys can help me out with this problem. I found another set out of a BMW but I don't know if they screw pattern but he'll who knows. What is everybody else do and it doesn't match the stock ones. I painted the ones I have now with sem paint and I just do not like the way they look so I'm not going to put them back in. Help a brother out
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    Why not dye your factory ones? Might be worth a shot.

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