ABS jitter even with ABS fuse removed

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Mar 7, 2011
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2002 Yukon XL

Recently, I got a 'service brake system' DIC message coincident with the ABS light. I cleaned the ground terminal connections but that didn't help. I then remembered that when I obtained this vehicle - about 10 years ago - I had a similar error message, and further research led me to conclude the likely culprit is the EBCM that controls the ABS pump. Yesterday I removed that EBCM and I'm sending it to modulmaster for repair...I figure it's been ~10 years since they repaired it last, so perhaps its suffering from the same problem again (presumably broken solder joints or similar).

Here's where I'm confused though...with the EBCM and the ABS fuse removed, I still get the ABS 'jitter' like people describe can happen at low speeds. What's odder still is that it happens constantly when I'm in reverse (backing out of my garage), but doesn't happen when in drive. Bear in mind this noise is only happening when I press on the brake pedal.

How could the ABS pump be engaging and causing this low-speed jitter when the EBCM and ABS fuse are both disconnected? Furthermore why would this only happen in reverse?

(FWIW - I recently replaced the wheel speed sensors on the front, but not the back...but the same question would remain, how can that jitter noise be possible with the fuse removed).

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