2nd Quarter 2018 TOTQ - Another $200 To The Winner!

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*****Each TOTQ winner will receive $200USC via PayPal.*****


1. Any TYF member can enter the contest. The only members that can not enter twice are previous TOTQ winners (Sorry Jacob!). If you win, the only other contest you may enter will be the final TOTY, which you will be automatically entered into.

2. In order to avoid duplicate account shenanigans and vote soliciting outside there forum, only Full Access level members or above are eligible for voting.

3. Only one vote per member. This will be controlled by forum moderation.

Rules for Submissions:

Please submit only ONE photo! If you submit multiples, you will have your post deleted.

This is a contest for the best truck for the Quarter, to be voted by our full access members. Scenery is your choice, however, the image MUST be high resolution. The main focal point must be the vehicle. No grainy photos please. Any year GM SUV may enter. The ENTIRE vehicle must be in the photo. Any of the criteria is failed to be met or the image is of low quality, moderators have the option of removing the submission.

All submissions must have a “second,” meaning another full access member must agree with the submission simply by stating “i second (insert member name here) entry.” Thirds, fourths, and subsequent are not necessary, so please do not clutter the thread with these comments. :)

For the second quarter, the submissions will be accepted from now through midnight EST on June 16, 2018. After that the thread will be closed for submissions and voting will commence. Voting for the first quarter will end on June 30, 2018 at midnight EST, at which time a winner will be declared.

With that said, everything is subject to change while we see how things go. If there are any comments or questions, please PM me directly so we don’t clutter the submissions thread. Lastly, and grammar errors i apologize, I’m typing on an iPad and those who have met me know how big my hands are. ;)

Enjoy and best of luck to everyone! I hope you guys are excited about this new format and that many of you will participate both as contestants and voters.

From the bosses: This format is limited to 2018, and we will reevaluate it at the end of the year, but if the community embraces the contest we will consider extending it to 2019.

Please post all submissions in this thread. :)


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Yes. Pictar taking skills haven’t improved at all but decent looking nnbs lol
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