23 Tahoe High Country, NO Super Cruise with High Country Deluxe?

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Joe Donuts

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Oct 3, 2018
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I'm putting my build together on the Chevy site so I can take it over to me sale guys to place my order, but I'm getting pretty frustrated with the Build site.

If I add the Advance tech package (super cruise), it deletes the High Country Deluxe package.

If I add the High Country Deluxe Package, it deletes the Advance Tech package.

If I add the High Country Deluxe Package, and add ONLY super cruise separate, it tries to add the Advance tech package, therefore deleting the HCD package.

Are they really not letting folks order the HCD package and get Super Cruise?

What am I missing?
According to the dealers the Super Cruise isn't available of the Tahoe yet. They stated due to the chip issues, it has been relegated to the Escalade for now.