2021+ GMC Yukon Pricing vs. 2019 Pre-pandemic deals w/ snapshots

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Aug 2, 2016
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Technically dealers could sell them for 100% off if “they wanted to” however there’s not 10% in markup unless you’re selling it to a GM employee in which case GM reimburses the dealer to get them back to around invoice cost. Rivard isn’t the only dealer to advertise a ridiculously low price like that. Best of luck walking in and paying that without getting hit with a bunch of fees or junk add ons.

dealers could sell them for 8-10% off MSRP and still make money without using either employee or supplier authorization codes - as in they could do this today. That is why I said they choose not to for the SUVs. Just take a look at any decent size dealership and see how their trucks are priced. Supplier is 1% under invoice (which is $5k off a $80k Denali) and i think employee is 4% under. all depends on how much holdback the dealerships want to give up.

Pre-covid, and not contemplating any rebates, most dealerships would be glad to sell every vehicle at the "supplier price" without using a code as the majority of vehicles were being sold for significantly less than the supplier. Sure the local guy is still trying to make $500 or $1k over invoice, but that wasn't the normal transaction.

I know this is a GM forum, but I bought a 2022 Ram 3500 for $2k less than the employee price (11% off sticker with zero rebates). I took the offer sheet to two different local dealerships and they laughed at me and said there is no way a dealership would sell that truck to me at that price (custom order) - 2 months later I bought said truck at the price I was quoted. Maybe there is a "secret formula" involving volume of vehicles sold that some dealers arent aware of or aren't willing to put forth the effort into.

Comes down to there is still a large demand for Tahoes/Yukons with buyers not willing to pass on a vehicle based on pricing.

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