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2020 Tahoe lack of back up camera quality

Discussion in 'Audio & Electronics' started by BamaTom, Apr 7, 2021 at 8:21 PM.

  1. BamaTom

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    2701F2BD-271A-4FE5-B608-76CFB04E889C.jpeg I mean it’s 2020! I get a new company Terrain every 50k miles. I’ve had 4 and Acadias before that. My 2019 Terrain has an awesome camera. It’s not as good as the wife’s 2016 convertible e550 and almost any crap renta car you get today. Why has GM dropped the ball on quality.
    I’m 60 and this is the first Chevy I’ve bought in my life. Always wanted a Tahoe.
    But good God the back up camera sucks.
    My daughter ordered a new Bronco and her camera is beyond sharp.

    With my 2020, is there an easy HiDef camera that can be swapped out. Or does it require a new screen and massive wire harness headaches?

    I’m blown away America builds crap like this. Like what did GM save? A $100 bucks?

    Well my 17 year old will get this one. I still want a Mercedes pick up. The wife freaks everytime I say that.

    I’m sure this is a reoccurring topic. Any one venture down this path or just gave up?

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