2016 Tahoe LTZ Lift Q's

Discussion in 'Lifted Supension - Z71 & 4x4' started by MigSan, Sep 10, 2019.

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    Sep 10, 2019
    How's it going everyone. This is my first post and I signed up because I was searching the site for suggestions and thought I'd join and maybe be able to offer advice once I learn more of the platform.

    I have a 2016 Tahoe LTZ with Magnetic Ride. I purchased the Suspension Maxx adjustable front and the 1 1/2" rear spacer. I have yet to put this on. (I don't have rear yet) My front Driver side strut leaked and now is out of fluid so making a horrible noise.I been looking for replacements and that's the reason I haven't went OE yet. I see some of you put Xineering deletes on and still keep the auto level? I like this feature because I tow a SxS and it just keeps it nice and back to the original level. Doesn't sag the rear.

    So if anyone can share some input on how you did this I would sure appreciate that. Also what shocks do you run front and rear while keeping the auto level. I'd like a nice ride that doesn't beat me up lol.

    I plan on doing the 2" front and 1 1/2" rear and stock size 275/55-20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers. I seen some run the 295/55-20 in the same tire and have some rubbing issues on even 2 1/2" front lift. If I'm wrong and no rubbing will be there then I don't mind a bigger tire. But the size diff is negligible I think.

    Again any help is welcomed and feel free to throw up some pics! I've been enjoying seeing some of your rigs posted. Give me ideas. Thanks!
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    I just put some fox coilovers on my wifes denali yesterday. Her passenger side shock was leaking and the ride was horrid. I had the 1.5” suspension max leveling kit on there, which I removed.

    The xineering delete kit works great.

    If you want the auto leveling still in tact, you are gonna have to keep the factory shocks out back. And if you put a spacer back there, you may have to get some type of bracket to utilize the factory shocks... im not sure though.

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