2013 Yukon Xl

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Oct 22, 2018
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I was completely unaware as well. Here’s a video I found of the sound on YouTube. I will say inside the vehicle and out actually it sounds just like a lifter tick, but not as loud in my situation.
Sounds totally different than a lifter


Aug 10, 2023
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Westchester, NY and Jupiter FL
Another update- I’m livid!!!! So idk if I said this on my first post but before I ever took my truck to the first shop I looked up all my symptoms and everything led me to the throttle body. When I went to the shop the mechanic told me it was not the throttle body and I would be wasting that $ if I did it. That’s when he said it was my lifters. Then that’s when the battery and alternator needed to be replaced then to the faulty phone charger, then the fuel injector wires and everything else. Today I went to a new shop to have my motor Mount put on. New shop said they put an extra screw on alternator when they replaced that and that could be messing up the ground. They took care of that. I drove away and all dash lights popped on and car bogged out so bad I thought I was going to break down. I rushed back to new shop and when pulling in I heard a lifter tick. He even acknowledged that it was a lifter tick. Got under hood and suddenly said “throttle body”. . Replaced throttle body and have been driving all around and it’s fixed. So when problem first started I thought throttle body took throttle body to shop I bought at GM. He swore it wasn’t throttle body. Has charged me over $4,000 and I’ve been without my vehicle the majority of the time and the entire time it has been throttle body causing all this. I’m grateful but pissed. The first shop I thought they were so good and they were so nice and honestly I don’t feel it was on purpose and a misdiagnosis, but it’s sad I’ve drained my entire account before the problem came out.
It is truely sad that so many incompetent and / or dishonest shops are out there. In your case it seems to be clearly a case of one or the other or both.

If you paid by credit card, you may be able to contest some or all of the charges.

If not, I would look up the rules in your state and county for taking a vendor to small claims court. Depending on local regs, you may be able to recover 3 or 4 thousand, without hiring a lawyer and very little up front costs.

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