2003 Yukon XL SLT DIC and climate control backlights not working

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Sam Harris

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Sep 26, 2018
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Where exactly did you put the contact cleaner?. I may try this. I was about to take it apart and look at the solder joints. It has no back lights at all. Thing is, I know the 02 sensors were cut, I have a knock sensor warning and every now and then I have multiple missfires at start up. However, turning it off and restarting after it warms up just a bit fixes it. I really think the missing 02 sensors throw it off. My Avalanche is down to to stupid as DoD junk but hopefully it'll be up and running soon and I can park this Yukon and fix it's many issues. It's only 2wd but I love this thing.
Just pull the knobs off and you can spray down the rheostats underneath. If the O2’s on the manifolds were cut, it’s going to cause significant problems running. The downstream ones shouldn’t do much, but light up the CEL, from my understanding.