1. clemenshess97

    Pac Rp5-Gm11 and RSE

    I have a Sony XAV AX-1000 radio installed in my 03 Tahoe. I also installed the Pac Rp5-Gm11 with the door chime and to also keep the steering wheel controls working. Since I did the install I cannot get my rear entertainment system to make any sound. I tried switching through all the sources on...
  2. sodacitydenali

    2021 RSE Idea - Anyone good w/wiring?

    The idea of having HDMI/USB cables hanging out of the center console in the back bothers me, on a $80k+ vehicle. I feel like the HDMI and USB inputs should be tucked away, both for aesthetics, and also to keep 5 year olds from kicking them when they're walking by or hauling their backpacks in...
  3. willfalcon

    RSE Audio to Aftermarket HU via bluetooth adapter?

    I've got an 06 Yukon Denali. Got the RSE dvd player. I've had an Apline iLX-W650 for a couple years for the Apple CarPlay. It's fine for that.... It'd be cool to restore the audio for the rear dvd player though. The connection interface I got for the head unit (RP5-GM11) gives you white and red...
  4. ses_yukon

    Yukon / Tahoe rear seat entertainment (RSE) Apple TV information

    I figured I'd post this as an FYI as I try to put an Apple TV in my 2016 Yukon. Let's just say I'm having mixed results so far, LOL! I'll update this as I go and hopefully others chime in with their experience too. There's also a summary video at the end. Power First issue was this. My Apple TV...
  5. B

    SOLVED: 2021 Yukon rear seat entertainment issues

    Just got a 2021 Yukon SLT with the rear seat entertainment. Comes with 2 pairs of GMC headphones that are “permanently linked” to the screens. They aren’t technically Bluetooth, but the screens are Bluetooth compatible for extra headphones. Anyways, I got the headphones setup & working on day 1...
  6. Pro299

    RSE Safer USB-C Connection

    For those concerned about the 2021 RSE USB connection getting damaged because of its exposed location, you might check into magnetic USB-C adapters. I picked one up from Amazon for less than $20 and it seems to work well. It's been kicked a couple of times by one of my granddaughters and...
  7. B

    Rear Entertainment Screens won’t turn on

    Recently took home a new Yukon Denali with the RSE package. Screens worked at the dealership but when I went to turn them on today, nothing. They are powered on from the front infotainment and I’m double tapping the screens. Is there something I’m not doing right? Anyone else have this issue?
  8. S

    Need help with rse

    I just installed a kenwood deck DMX706S in my truck 08 yukon denali xl I got the rse harness grounded it and hooked up the rca's but the rear flip down TV wont power up please help Wiring harness I used is a crux soogm-16
  9. H

    Thoughts on DMH-C2550NEX to replace original HU ?

    Hi, I have a 2006 Z71 with the original factory touch screen HU still installed. (Bose + Navi, XM) In addition car has onstar, steering controls and the RSE DVD player. The Navi on the current factory stereo is terribly out dated and I am looking for something that has Carplay /Android Auto...

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