1. BooBoo

    OBD tool that does ABS - Recommendations?

    On my 2013 Tahoe LT, I currently have the ABS light, Stabiltrak OFF and Traction Control OFF. I'm 70something, not a great mechanic and I don't need high end equipment. I would like to have an idea of what's going on so that maybe *I* can fix the issue, or at least have some idea of what the...
  2. F

    2023 Tahoe - Emergency Vehicle Programming Question

    Good Evening! My Fire Department recently got 2, 2023 Tahoe's as command vehicles. I have used FORscan for little things like this on both personal and work trucks - but they were always Ford's prior to this year. I can't find anything that seems to work (reliably) for Chevy/GM. I'm mainly...
  3. U

    obd2 for my 2004 yukon denali

    hi i own a 2004 yukon xl denali and sometimes i do some work myself and i wanted to bay a simple obd2 Scanner. there are a lot options but would like some advice from you guys. what do you prefer for a scanner around 50$? i did some research and found two models around 50$, but couldnt decide...
  4. B

    Recommended Bi-directional Scanners? Autel?

    Hi Forum, I'm looking for GM owner insight on a good bi-directional scan tool that works well on my 2017 yukon 5.3. I have experience with a few different professional level scan tools that are outside my price range (around $500) for something I want to purchase for personal use. Does anyone...
  5. G

    OBD2 information overload.. not sure if I should be worried?

    Hey all, I just access to my first 'big kid OBD2 reader'.. its from a friend and I was able to borrow it for the weekend. Looking at data I have never been able to see before (or rather.. seeing it in a different format) was quite interesting.. First.. I noticed my cooling is not as 'done' as...
  6. T

    I need an obd2 scanner

    I have a decent obd2 scanner that gives srs abs and engine scans but it doest do much after that. Is there a scanner I could use to scan the body module for air conditioning parking assist abs bleed would be nice too? I am look for upper midrange prices so 100-300$ will do. I am tired of the...

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