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  1. brice117_

    What to do lol

    So, I just got a 2012 SSV that was used as an offroad vehicle for the police, it has a slight lift and what not, I am wondering what can I do performance wise or wheels and tire wise to an SSV. The reason I say that is because not a lot of people seem to have SSVs (4x4) in the 5.3 If anyone can...
  2. D

    Eibach Front Springs Questions

    PREAMBLE: I am hoping to rebuild the entirety of my 235k Tahoe's suspension. I tossed in a 2" lower strut spacers, just to get the nose off the ground, and it was ugly under there. This seems to have been a well maintained truck, but 235k is 235k, so a lot needs refreshing. I already felt the...
  3. csisson09

    2021 Tahoe LS 4x4 Overlanding build

    Hey everyone. Picked up a 21 Tahoe ls with 4wd about two months ago. Had a brand new one back in 21 (2wd) but ended up needing to go back to a truck. Either way I am back! And I am wanting to build this as an overland rig. I’ve been trying to do research on many things for this build but there...
  4. Eltoxico

    I hope I bought the right parts

    I've been creeping these forums for the past couple months while deciding which parts to buy for a basic 2 to 3" lift/level and bigger tires without breaking the bank. Quick backstory, last year a few months before I got deployed, I bought Big Bertha, a 2005 Yukon SLT 4x4, at a decent price of...
  5. L

    Lift question.

    quick intro. I’m Luke, I’ve had one 94 two door Blazer and two 2 door tahoes. My previous 94 & 97 I knew for a fact to both be factory ride height suspension. The 94 was bought new by my godfather and my 97 I bought from the original owner. My current 98 on the other hand, has had multiple...
  6. W

    BDS 4.5 inch lift with zw7 rear springs

    Hi. I have a 2004 tahoe 4x4 with the ZW7 suspension. I want to put a BDS 4.5 inch lift on it. I'd like to use the Fox shocks. I understand the ZW7 trucks have softer springs in the back and the nivomat shocks actually carry a significant amount weight. The BDS 4.5 inch lift system uses spring...
  7. 0

    Silverado lift on tahoe/yukon

    trying to find a lift kit for my Tahoe besides a RC… just wondering who has done it and what it takes to do it. i know it possible with some tinkering. just need to know what is compatible and what has to be changed to work. thanks! lmk ASAP please!! Not worried about the rear or having 4wd!
  8. D

    05 Yukon slt lift kit questions

    I recently purchased a 05 Yukon, the Yukon already has a 6” lift installed with 35’s and has a tremendous amount of play in the steering, so upon further inspection the pitman arm is roached, Definitely will need be replaced, but there’s also a added center link “stabilizer” of sort I’m assuming...
  9. Mitchell0827

    2015+ Yukon, Tahoe, Escalade Auto-ride Shock Extension

    Hello Everyone, I just wanted to post some information pertaining to lifting my 2015 GMC Yukon Denali with autoride and magnetic ride. This is my first 4X4 SUV with this suspension setup. It was EXTREMELY frustrating for me to pick a lift kit that minimized the amount of cutting I would need...
  10. D

    New member

    Hi I’m new member with a 2002 Yukon xl 4wd. I’m looking to put a plow on for the winter as well as a lift and I’m look for some suggestions on a set up that will work. thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  11. S

    Body Lift on a 2014 Tahoe

    So thinking about a 3" body lift for my 2014 Tahoe and wouldn't ya know it, can't find a kit for that year anywhere! I even called and was on hold for an hour and a half to ask my question at Performance Accessories. They did some investigating and basically said they can't find a kit anywhere...
  12. YachtRockermen

    Lift kits for 1995 Chevy Tahoe K1500 2 door 4x4

    I have a 1995 Chevy Tahoe 2 door 4x4 k1500 and I'm looking into a lift kit. I don't think I want to go past like a 4 inch lift. I would like to be able to clear bigger tires probably no bigger then 30's. I don't like rough country stuff all I've ever heard about them is that its inexpensive but...
  13. McLeod Crouch

    Silverado Lift on Tahoe front?

    I have seen a couple of Tahoes around my parts with a 7-inch MaxTrac lift kit (which only comes in a Silverado style) for the front. My 4x4 Tahoe has a Rough Country 7.5-inch lift but I like the SHOWOFF chrome front diff drop. The SHOWOFF lift kit for a Tahoe is about 1200 dollars more than the...
  14. G

    6" lift

    Hey Guys, I put a Rough Country 6" lift on the Ole' Hoe' and I was wondering if anyone else had trouble with the steering wheel self-centering. It doesn't want to come back to center after a turn on the highway. I believe it needs more camber but the alignment guy said that's all there is. I...
  15. T

    2008 Denali XL..Suspensions. From autoride to passive shocks and struts.

    2008 GMC Yukon Denali XL - (152,000 Miles) Hi everyone. I am looking for any help possible in selecting a new suspension system for my Denali. I have been reading a lot of threads but not really finding what I need to make a good decision. I bought this ride one year ago and noticed that the...
  16. GHrnndz

    Lift Kit problem

    Hello everyone, I joined the community here in hopes of solving my current problem. I recently got a 7.5 inch Rough Country lift kit installed on my 2007 Yukon SLT 4WD. The problem is while I am driving and let go off the gas. The very front middle bottom of the truck makes a very loud rubbing...

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