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Discussion in 'Performance' started by Awfiretto, May 15, 2019.

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    Hi all, I’ve used SC flashpaq to program my 07 Tahoe, 5.3 4WD LT with 117k miles on it. and I love it. I’m making the post after searching for hours and days trying to get a real review/info and have yet to find it, so sharing my experience with it.

    *if your looking for cheap gains. Start with plugs wires and fluids, I have done this.

    *I also have been running am Airaid MIT intake tube and spectre high flow air filter ($160 total) best mod I have done yet. *plenty of post and numbers on this, no need to open that door

    *I also broke new motor mounts on stock power, and now have one h3 on the drivers side (thanks to TYF for that 300 page thread, it helped) I’d be weary to add any power to the stock motor mounts ... especially if stock breaks the, on the regular.

    Before we go any further, yes I know BB tunes are the best for us, but hear me out, and know I’m on a budget before the “spend the extra $” replies are made. TYF has always been a “safe” place to share experience’s and gain knowledge and hoping this post stays the same.

    I wanted to delete AFM, and speed limiter. My Pathfinder A/T’s are rated at 118mph. Texas highways, and the hilarious “get away from me” race’s that happen on the long stretch’s of road make for a scary situation when all parties are limited to 98mph... I want to get away if have too. I don’t make a habit of breaching 100mph.

    Local tuners wanted $400 for afm and speed limiter raised...

    BB takes time, and I travel a lot and am yet to be in a permanent spot for work. A great deal... but still $150 to $200 more than Handheld programmer.

    My SC was $303 on amazon after using $45 in points. And I can re use it for many vehicles down the road. (One at a time)

    Super easy to program and use, so I won’t spend time on that. I can switch and tweek in minutes, and return to stock if needed just as quick. Also comes with a gauge/log feature which put me at easy after tuning to make sure knock wasn’t an issue. Also has a scan tool built in... hard to beat that price. It took almost 2 weeks for a reply, but I sent my logs to SC and they looked them over with an “all good” + explanation of why, that was cool.

    I run 91, and picked the performance canned tune on the programmer.

    At first, the default shift pressure was WAY to high for my comfort. I ended up at +2 lbs over stock on all shifts. It’s perfect for me now

    Afm disable and Speed Limiter raise work Flawless of course. This is the real reason I got it, the rest are “perks” ... literally.

    SC claims some 18hp and similar torque gain across the band for the perf program, I feel it. The rev limit is raised to 5800 (5500 before) and shift points are higher with the increased revs. And adjusted torque management which I can absolutely feel off the line, with out being insanely aggressive... ie it will still cut power if I give it too much off the line.

    The towing on 91 is 12hp, slightly less aggressive for conservative “safe” gains on towing, plus shifting adjustments.

    There is no doubt this is exactly what the truck needed to “wake up”. The 4 speed was extremely frustrating before this, now it shifts when I want it to... with out falling asleep and then waking up from a deep sleep like someone dumped a 5 gallon bucket of ice water on it....

    I have also picked up a solid 1.5mpg avg. If you drive it calm it sips the gas. It holds 80 NO problem and is beyond comfy at speed... I actually have to be careful now with my speed.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that the intake tube/filter helps the SC. Also, flex fuel vehicles are safe to run e85 with SC.

    Trans temp seems to run cooler by about 10 degrees now as well. Basically 100 degrees hotter than ambient after lengthy driving Vs the 110 it used to be.

    I’ve run this for 3 weeks, and couldn’t be happier.

    Also, Diablo/SC/and another handheld are all owned by the same company. While they are slightly different in features, you can tell from the interface they have the same core. I would imagine the canned tuned for these are almost identical, and would assume (I know... dangerous) results would be the same with a similar handheld... but it was hard enough to find real answers to my questions in the first place... so I doubt we will never really know for sure.

    All in; plugs/wires/fluids/motor mount/intake/super chips I’m somewhere around $800 ish. And most of those “DIY mods” have a dual purpose with reliability 1st and performance 2nd. The Flashpaq was the final key to disabling afm, raising speed limiter, and waking the truck up.... and $300 was uncomfortable for me to spend with all the moves and other expenses I’ve had recently. But absolutely worth every penny. I would not have taken the leap if it was much more.

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