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    Bought a 2/4 drop kit from Sam. He had it listed for a hot minute at $250 is what I paid through paypal. We discussed I would pay for shipping once he got it sent out. So he does, the kit in 5 different boxes through USPS. Only 2 of the 5 boxes eventually made it to my house. They were beat to SH!%. No big deal. Sam starts a claim, this is the start of him going into blackout mode. He says it will take 90 days for the USPS to finish the claim if the other boxes did not show up. Understandable I wait. This is now around August the claim is down and closed. Can't get a hold of him by cell, e-mail, facebook. Randomly says we can still workout me getting my money back since I never got the kit. He got $350 from me total. Another $500 for the insurance through the USPS.

    Just want to get my money back, more so after Harvey wrecked shit here, have more important priorites other than the drop now. But Damn.. I want to be a nice guy. But at the end of this week I have my lawyer sending a certified letter to him for $4,250 which is falling under fraud. I have my e-mail and screen shots of texts. Didn't want to ruin his Christmas but my family is already put out cause of Harvey.

    Haven't seen SC88 or Sam Croom active since earlier this year, doubt we will now. But be aware.

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