Power running board issues

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May 13, 2013
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Virginia and Florida
Well... 10 months ago I bought a loaded 2019 Yukon Denali after my wife totaled our low milage 2013 Yukon Denali. Since purchase it's been nearly perfect, save one thing. It had a rare and intermittent driver's side deployment issue. All I had to do was close the door and open again then it deployed. I did some research, here and other web sites and found 4 main issues, wiring, seized pivot points, running board control module and bad deployment motor. Fast forward to the last couple weeks and it started happening mor often, to include running board failure to return after shutting the door. I had lubricated all the pivots early on which made no difference. Since it was never a "snow belt" SUV I really didn't thing this was an issue anyways. Not wanting to start changing parts in hopes of fixing the problem (gets expensive real quick) I decide to pay my local dealer to diagnose the problem. Murphy's Law took over and it ended up being a defective motor/frame/linkage, the most expensive repair part. Having to drop the whole running board assembly to replace it became a deal breaker for me to do it. I'm at my fall/winter home and just don't have the facilities for this kind of self help project. The motor assembly had a $700+ MSRP with a $500 online price. Including diagnostics my dealer quoted me a $1080 turn-key price. Given the parts cost I felt it was fair, especially for a dealer. They ordered the part which will be there Monday, day after tomorrow. They will complete the job Monday also. I'm just glad it'll get done. BTW, I fixed the FOB poor reception myself, replacing the overhead installed radio transmitter. I just didn't want to tackle that running board...

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